Another Wednesday

I have not written in my journal for a few days again...Just didn't seem to have much to put down although I want to stay in the habit.  Back to school tonight....three more weeks in this semester and I am done with the late nights.  I am only taking one class next semester...I'm feeling a little burned out.  The next one only meets twice a week for an hour and it's right after work at the west campus which is virtually across the street.  I have never tried to find parking at 5pm on the west campus but somehow I think it will be ok.  We did not go to the gym this morning.  My boyfriend said his knee was hurting last night and said he felt going everyday was not the best idea.  I agree that every other day might be better at least until I am done with this semester.  Being on the go from 4 am to 10 pm is really wearing on me.  My doctor had told me to take it easy until I see the cardiologist anyway. 
Some weather is supposed to blow in here today..I have never been so glad.  The fog here the last couple of weeks has been awful.  I think it is going to be another bad fog season here in the valley.  Today there is supposed to be enough wind to blow the fog out but I think it is from a storm so the sun still may not come out.  It is the one thing I do not like about living here.  I am a sunshine girl..especially after all my years in Arizona.  I already warned him ....if we hit two weeks of no sun we are going on a field trip...coast, mountains, I don't care as long as there is sun. 
It is funny though..the depression has lessened a lot this past week and now I am only facing the borderline anxiety that has been coming and going. I am pretty sure the start yesterday was because I was having bad dreams though.  He has been in a very good mood and not drinking all that much..singing..guess he is liking the christmas season. It is not very often that I am having a meltdown and HE is the one to help me out of it.. I was running late for work, it was foggy..he just laughed and started singing some song..and I could not help it and laughed also. 
The same thing happened to him last night.  He is standing at the stove and I am sitting in the chair knitting that baby blanket I am still trying to finish for xmas...and we almost started to argue about we were going back and forth the oldest daughter is watching and standing next to her dad..she laughs and starts singing we wish you a merry xmas.  We all cracked up and then back to good moods....wish we could always be like that.
My boss actually backed me up yesterday...I almost fell out of my chair...being the last day of the month I was flooded with my usual month end duties...and reformatting a machine at the same time.  One of the construction superintendents calls and says his browser is all jacked up and he can't get into the punch list I try to log into his machine remotely...He cannot even get the browser to load that far so as I start to question him...yep..downloading things he should not have been.  I told him since I could not log in remotely he would have to bring it in to the office.  Yesterday they were bugging me asking me when it would be done and back in the field...I said well it's month end  so I will be tied up all day tomorrow so maybe thursday.  She actually agreed and said maybe going without it a few days would make him think twice about downloading in the future.



Life sure is a \'kicker\' don\'t you think?

I wish I were well enough right now to mentally do some somersaults but I have a \'flat tire\' for a brain right now. Oh the \'joys\' of this illness leave me so beyond worn out these days.

I\'m so glad for the better moments you have in your life - and smile for you.

:-) Patricia

I\'m glad things have been a bit better for you. What a great thing to start singing Christmas carols instead of arguing! I might have to try that!

yeah...she was doing good til she switched\'re a mean one MR Grinch...then he started giving her dirty looks lol