a day in the life of a married man

She doesn't wake up till 3p. Then she cancels plans to go out for dinner so I get carry out. Then she wines about us watching a movie togeather and ends up watching stupid legal shows on TV. I get her three anniversary gifts she downs two of them. And is only moderatly happy about the other. F* Her. And she wonders why I don't give a damn about any holiday except easter. Its just another day. Well I had a good day on my own. I walked alittle in the yard with the dog, played my video game and played on the computer watching some stuff I am selling on ebay. I love the thought of selling stuff on ebay I just have to find more junk I don't use or need anymore and take pictures of it. I have even got an ebay debit card to spend the money I make.  I guess we will watch a movie when her court shit is over so I better finish...tim