living without an ancore
i feel troubled ,,upset
last night i dreat a few things
my turkish ex was back and i opened up my emotions to what they were
but she was not a permanet thing
it was a dream of things torn away
other people i had loved were in the dream
it was a dream of what is missing in my life
.i need to have love back in my life
and its nowhere to be seen



but you are seeking it, so it will fall in your lap.

it keeps falling in your lap, actually.

you just have a type in mind. very specific.

what does it look like? can you explain it?

its hard to explain or even think over .....
.its a link i feel and have to feel back as well
thats the hard bit ...i dont even think it is a viable idea anymore
im looking for a quiet conection
a sort of one ness