ok the fall of that has opened up another door
an older woman i know likes me
she has seperated from her husband
getting devorced
she likes me a lot
but im not sure how much
she seems to be no strings ect
im so confused with the way things go
that is fine for now
this is the most honest situation for years
it will help me grow as a person a bit and it is nice to have someone like
me physicaly
i feel less of a person living inside a shell because 
someone likes the outside shell..so im feeling more of a person
my last situation fell to bits because the insides collapsed
and felt my outside wasnt loved
this may fix that
nothing has happend yet
so this is all just
talk and fun
no idea where its going
but im at a stage where i canteven think ahead
shes older than i am by 5 years
she has addh?
the only fear i have is that her hyper side could turn against me
i have no idea about addh
need to look into it



ADHD is minor. REALLY minor. I think it\'s evolutionary.

I think you are confusing it with bipolar. Way less difficult to deal with, in
my opinion.

I am so glad you are having fun!
I think you\'ve needed some fun.

I only have one small concern.
You seem to focus more on
whether she likes you.

I would love it if you could focus on
if you like her. Can you even tell?