not surewhy im posting here
it seems a bit pointless
cryed to sleap  last night
just so much stuff going on
and my life
im not happy and its going nowhere
tryed not to go the sleap
so didnt dream
but it wears me out the same
woke very depressed
didnt want to get up
had to
very very hard to cope
i did get myself to do some work
.i had to use a knife at one point
had thoughts but snapped at myself
dont be so stupid
to day i didnt live
i just got though it
.i hate the idea of the week ahead
it was so hard to get though this one
they just dont stop
ex new girl is causing me problems emotionaly
even though its not doing anything
its opening  thoughts



opening wounds, not just thoughts.

the knife makes even more sense now.
you take control of the wound. you become the cause
of it.

be VERY gentle with yourself right now.
you are fragile.

I don\'t think you can control this reaction, either.

i wish we could.

it\'s like you are having a bout of the flu. just observe your
watch the symptoms and treat them accordingly.
rest is good. if you can mange it.