basic post again worn out after gig
tonight altered my pedal set up
and played 95% of the first set with one leg
and 100% of the second set with one leg
...this is a total shock that for now has opened a lot more anvenues
the singer still says lot of things that run me down
im trying to blank them all
tonight i called her shallow for her views and said they are single pointed oned one dimentional
othere stuff went on
but thats tonights post
i became a bit more  normal tonight
but a bit worried it was a flsh in the pan
if i feel im back on track that is a major
change for me
burt worrying also really startting to think of the singer as a huge negative force in my life
and may remove it



that really is major.
phew. what a relief.

negative forces should be dealt with or they
will take over.

the negative forces have already done a lot of damage
i really hate myself