long day tomorrow doing 2 shows in a day
i hope i can play them
other issues are startting but i cant talk about that yet
need to let things run a bit first
but i feel ill get hurt soon



you are good at dealing with hurt so you\'ll be fine.

you know hurt well.

did the 2 shows
i got though them
one time i would have shone (shine)
first show i burnt out really quick after a good start
and spent the rest of the show just getting throuw it
in ways i could cry but i dont
,im just hard to it
but it is upsetting to me

i get told people dont notice
but i do and its so hard that i feel ill

as for the other hurt
im so blanked and un noticed i dont even think it will be noitced

how do you \'get\' through it? just cope with the pain?
do you use the trick that athletes use?

is it common for drummers to get this?

is it in the hip? the lower back? the back of the thigh?