very worn out today
yesterday was very hard
very depressed for the strat of the day
but picked up a bit to just worn out
singer rang
maybe guilt abouit saying so many bad things about me
she still made out that im very weak physicaly
i said i bet im stronger than all of you
she said maybe so but the way you play you need to be super fit
..i felt worn out and was thinking of going to bed
part because i was so down
but this idea that i am not a stong person got in to my head
and i went on a high speed
bike ride for 8 miles
like i used to do
i got round it and wasnt as bad as i thought
,i sent a text to her saying so
and im not as weak as you think i am
i can fight back
.im good at suffering
im used to that



You are good at it.
Too good at it!

You are also good at fighting back.

I\'ve been tired lately, too.