i hate being alone



this is fix-able.

you shouldn\'t be alone.

i think you need to provide yourself with a lot
of compassion and encouragement (as if you
were a friend who had been in a car accident)

and then you will find friends who are more like you.
then you will be able to connect with others
and have meaningful conversations
that inspire you and re-charge your batteries.

there are sooooo many lonely people out there.
i rarely get lonely but that is because i am a mother and i have
a partner who is a lot like me. we understand each other mostly.

but then come other challenges.
like you said in the next post

daily grind.

my self worth is massivly low
it becomes very clear when i see people
and worse so if i like someone
i also get hit harder when that person does not like me back the same way
and im getting a lot of that one all the time

so then take some time to work
on self worth.

it\'s like rehabilitation.
low self worth is like brain damage.

brain is an organ. lets work on that
organ to heal it. it wants to heal.

self worth can be fixed.

start with very small things.

a gratitude journal is a good way.
ever tried it? you already have the discipline
of journaling, which is more than
most have.

gratitude journal - say five things you are thankful
for in that day. this exercises the same part of the brain
that utilizes self worth. then it starts to change other perceptions.

If you can\'t say five, don\'t push it.
Say one a day.
Then two, and so on.
Small goals and compassion for yourself and the damage done by the emotional neglect you suffered.

i am thankful today for your journal.

my self worth is hit down lots and lots all the time
i dont get nice input
.its all bad
they say nice things about things ive made or fixed
but about my physical self
its all bad
always is
.in the end i hate the nice people
the ones that have all the nice things said all the time
and its given free
i hate that its like if you dont fit you may as well kill yourself

.i cant do a gratitude journal
im not going to suffer and say thanks for it
.i have more chance with hate
hate them all