real world relationships havecolapsed its all a big fucking mess now as big a mess as everyone gone can be
really its more like a hole sick of it all i really dont know what the game is anymorei think i may send a email to the samaritains but i dont think i could stand another useless reply that helps nothing at allim day by day being pushed to trying to cope with everything in my own ways none of these will be constructive but im getting to the point where i dont really give a fuc k 



i wish i could read more about the mess that is going on.
is it overwhelming?

a hole. I often visualize a hole when I think about depression.
I try to imagine myself climbing out of it.
I can imagine that, but not actually being OUT of the hole.
Also, a blanket. Like it\'s suffocating me, not keeping me warm.

It\'s a long battle you are fighting.
There are weapons to help.
Like meds or Fish oil.
You are already doing some great things
like writing and coming here.

I hate it when i reach out and get let down.
it causes \'secondary wounding\'.

Secondary wounding is INCREDIBLY common
when it comes to mental health.

Please keep fighting this battle.
One day, it will end. You can count on that.