had so many emotional dreams last night that ive woken early
and confused
in the dreams i was emotionaly crippled
and trying to not be seen
its to long to explain
events last night set all this off



this makes sense considering
how you\'ve been feeling.

why wouldn\'t you not want to be seen?
what does being seen mean to you?

im living a jumping state of mind
.im flashing from though to thought
today was talking alout loud to myself
anger at old situations from years ago
stuid small things
but i snap out at them vocaly
i eas thinking to day were ment to be loooking for signs
of the sctso kid acting odd with out meds
and heres me arguing with the past out loud

im having lots of if i wre dead thoughts
all the work ect is all i do
and if i died i would like it to be compleated
also thoughts on my parents dieing soon
or even myself
life is just like leafs on a lake or
some other random act

sleap has always been so hard for me
i hear other people saying how they shut down
.i feel so torn by that that i feel i could cry
i do not shut down