dont post here much anymore
because im blank to everything
the way i act is a lot like depression but
i dont feel anything
,i have accepted that it is all out of my control
and people around me dont see the way i see things
so they cant understand my blankness
yes in moments i do get the odd suicidal thought
but thats just a shock wave from the thoughts of how
i feel this is all so much bigger than i am



Depression is kicking me down these days. Big time.

My therapist tells me depression is a time to reflect.
I just read a futuristic book where everyone gets depressed
and it\'s called the \'fallow\' state.

I sometimes wonder if it\'s evolution.

For me, coping with suicidal thoughts is all about having a
thought to go to as soon as they arise.
Mine is that one day, I will die.
Death is inevitable. It\'s a guarantee.
I tell myself that I have to earn it.

You seem to be coping with the depression much
better these days. That\'s a relief.