where am i up to
been away a bit i gess that is a goos sign
my date?
is still around
well 30 miles away
still as god fearing as ever
she still wants to run off and find god for 6 months again
wants me but wants to run off and do her god things
or saving the childeren of the world ect ill be left or put aside for the greater good
we are close but there is a big hole in there to
i feel like im back datting some one from another country
.i wake very anxious
stayed at her house for the first time this week
on the sofa and froze to death
i haveno idea how to be in a relationship like this
and it is put to me that it is all my fault
she loves me no doubt
but this cant work at all
and i am to dead with trying to see the end of this
i cant even see tomorrows anymore



How is it put to you that it is all your fault?

something is keeping you together. perhaps
if we figure that out you can figure out why you can\'t
make happen what you want.