4.23same kind of day a few things happendect   good points for the future are very hard to list also things that make me happy are just a list of negative things that i hopewont happen



Yah, when I\'m full-on depressed I cannot lift my thoughts out of the dark and negative. This is not your fault but a direct result of the depression.

A very famous philosopher, Krishnamurti, said that
expecting people to heal their mind WITH their mind is ridiculous.

I think that you take a lot of pride in your work. That is one thing
that has potential to make you happy. I also think that
finding love will help you too.

Perhaps you should focus on what you value
and that will guide you to what can make you happier.

Striving for happy has never worked for me. Happy is a feeling
that passes just like sadness.

I would love to see you strive for easier. Easier for the emotions.