thoughts on bi polar  but i dont get huge highs  i do get this going crazy thing and axiuois  im i bi polar after all?????or im i just so confusing  



I think that you must have the highs to be diagnosed
but I\'m not sure. My initial thoughts are that you suffer
from depression, not bipolar.

What is the going crazy thing? When you feel
overwhelmed and get the urge to cut?

more than that its when i fixsate so much
and i really will work myself till i drop
and cant let something go at all
it becomes everything
more than anything

and at other times i cant see why i did that

i say its a like a light house beam
when the beam hits something it really wont stop
and i become ill over it

ive read BP 2 does not have to have highs
.it and be just axious ect
ive been like this all my life
.its not just a passing time of trouble or phase
there is a lot more to this

What you describe is like OCD.
OCD is very, very common.
I guess the highs and working yourself until
you drop is a symptom of bipolar.

I agree it\'s not a passing phase. I get that.
My own symptoms showed up in childhood.
I wanted to die by the time I was 8 years old.

Meds can help, regardless of what it is.

Mental illness is usually diagnosed by
guessing. A checklist. There is no
brain scan. I think the future will be much better
for those who have a mental illness.
Times sure have gotten better.
People used to just get thrown in a
psych ward and left to rot.
In some cultures, what we consider mental illness
is considered a gift.