typing because i feel no one hears me .i am alone tonight and i do have feelings if i try to say how i feel i get hit with a wall of silence from everyone so im ment to shut upbut i still feel the same so they get a silent version but nothing has changed for me it becomes worse ive seen vids where they say poeple are upset because they are fighting the truth and your ment to face the truth and thats why you are un happy so im ment to face no one loves me how the hell is that going to work self worth ..self value .....am i valued to say i am feels like trying to tell myself green is red i can change the words but it will never be true  fears of death but its really life just being a total waste my life reminds me of the times i used to stand around in night clubs ect pretending i was there because it was fun really it was a long lonly dragand the end of my life i will look back at it just like thatall of it  



remember the small goals?

I find you still take on all the blame.
You are so hard on yourself and
it\'s not what you need. Or deserve.

I don\'t believe it\'s true that noone loves you.
I also don\'t believe our thoughts are who we are.

Your thoughts are on a train track and
we need to get them on a different track.

you may be getting hit with silence because
you are talking to the wrong people

you are never meant to shut up.
you are one of the most insightful people
i know. I think you would make
one heck of a good art critic.

or therapist. or teacher.

all you need to do is see how valuable you are.
it\'s just a matter of switching tracks.