therapy counciling what ever they classed it as i have this memory of it and its this guy laughing a light hearted reactionto me being there  to me it wasnt i was walking in traffic a bad frear of deathand people thinking i was agrophobici was a wreck on pills that were  making my life like a walking deadhow fucking funny is that i left there and next became a cutterlaugh at that  i really hate docs they just cant feel they have no ideaeven now i have pains that no one knows  and cant even see if i said i had cut myselfthey would say its all not even realso fuck them EVERYONE IS OUTSIDE !!! im inside    i wish i was loved or for now held             



Oh man. I can so relate.

I remember my first therapy session.
I was so depressed and didn\'t trust that
I couldn\'t talk. So I just
sat there and listened to this guy
talk for an hour. It was so useless.

You can work around the docs.

You awareness is so enlightening.

My current therapist (finally, a good one)
told me that once. That my feelings
are proof. My feelings
are real and they are proof.

You already know that.