email to a friend   did the funeralit went ok as far as someone died and everyone was destroyed by it could goi did ok with the tech side of the really was so much better with the music and the crowed outside could hearso it was a positve thing for everyone  that day in silence would have been awfullso i did the right thing by doing itive never been to a funeraland with this i was right in the middle of itnegative pointsthe people that deal with death as a jobtreat is as a jobits like clocking inso life seems less valuble  a bit like someone that kills for a living that one dead ok ...bangwhile they rack and stack them at a the church it makes the hundreds you see there seem just like parked cars  but at a personal level its a whole world its 100s of worlds the world is how we see it and its 100s of life storys and the stones have fallen over the names evan worn off by raingod what is it really all about and i fear its about nothing emotion is all we have and so many are so awfull or so cold yes im screwed up but i do feel  so i think i have a a sort of life at least just because i feel