i cut my self 3 cuts only one is anything to notice  i saw a model knife and my nails were dirty from today and i was cleaning my nails with it and then i thought what the helland i cut my wrist its sore but i can say i did it carrying stuff for tomorrow  i dont feel guilty i dont really feel anything so i dont care



i\'m glad you don\'t feel guilt
Guilt is a wasted and useless emotion.

You cut to relieve pain.
No harm in that.
(I kid).

It\'s no big deal in my mind.
I mean I\'d love to see you in a place
where you don\'t have the urge to cut
but i also know that deep pain
is hard to cope with.

look after the cut now and let it heal.
along with the emotional wounds.


its not that bad
.it was hurting a lot this morning
and last night
i used to cut my leg so no one could see it
but stopped when i infected it at one point ,,nuts i know
wrists hurt a hell of a lot more
the skin is so soft
that knife has been in my room for months
i thought of it as a sign that im ok
.its all the stress of this funeral thing
i didnt want to mess up
and i havent been sleaping well

today they said 200 are coming to the grave
i said if i die ill have about 4
and they would have to check their diary first
sad but true