totaly worn out  today was a crazy dayim so worn out i cant even thinkso little sleaplots happened todayex even called  but the crazyest thing is im going to a funneral on thursdayive been asked to set up sound for a church a boy dopped down dead playing footballand so many people are coming that they need extra sound for the people outside  so thats what ive been set up to doso there you have it more death the whole thing is scary and i would hate to mess this up as well   



I don\'t think you will mess it up.

Perhaps you will find comfort being around
others who are feeling emotional.
I\'ll bet you are good at it.

Was it a busy day? Busy days are good. I
hope you slept well.

spent today
checking my stuff
i found a problem and fixed that
i plan a head a hell of a lot
when i got all the stuff working ok
i thought ...i havent thought about why im there
the kid who has died days ago
im so caught up in the technical side of things
i havent even had time to think about why im there

so i think thats what the church will be thinking
and even maybe when they are used to it some level of bordem
i have to be there early tomorrow
starts at 2pm
my legs hurt alot tonight
im running low on money now
ive spent so much on equipment

then it\'s good you have this job.

i think planning ahead is awesome.
i always feel so much better when i\'ve planned.

you are there for the technical side of things so
i don\'t see why you have to think about why you are there.
death is natural. it sounds like this
kid\'s life ended too early but still, death is as natural
as life.

i hope the job pays well and that your
legs feel better soon.

did sound for a funeral today it was very odd

it was music and a voice
sounds small but it was a hell of a lot of stuff to set up really

the church was too small for the crowd that came
150 were outside
so i was a sked to do a PA hire for it

so i sat in a church while outside the sound got on with it !
couldnt hear,a friend sent silent text mesages

i spent a few days getting things ready for it
so it would go ok

it went fine even though it was a rushed job
no one had opened the church
and everyone was there
too early.

a few minor panics but i fixed them in time.
i got massive RF from 2 bad cables
but i had a triple screened lead i made
that fixed it

its odd but the pressure my ex that used to go into fits
gave me makes me turn off to panic when its there

i worry lots before it happens but not when it is happening
but i do plan ahead a hell of a lot
i even had a 2nd sytem with me if something massive failed

all the worry about gear made me forget i was sat next to a coffin
it was a very strange situation

a funeral is an odd thing to be at if you dont know the person
its so detached

my legs were hurtting but i was so under pressure
i by passed it

You did great! Congrats! I hope this
instilled some pride.
You should have pride.

it did a bit
.i really need some self worth
that is a big point that would help my life
thanks for knowing me enough to know that

i dont think i told you i used to setup
big night club sound sytems at one point
they were 40,000 watts ect
and had to work before the place opend
some times i had to take them all to bits !
and it was a mad panic to get it running again!!!!
that was high pressure the places would lose 1000s
if i messed it up
but i wasnt paid right for that job
i was cheated a lot