i cant find a group here to help me i cant email the smariatins anymoreit just feels stupid  im afraidof life im afraid of dieing as such a failureof it being such a long road of nothingand it is  



Why does it feel stupid to email the samaritans?
I think it\'s very courageous to ask for help.

I think I realized that we aren\'t at an age to
understand how to help with
overwhelming emotions.

I think compassion and empathy heal.

It\'s like being a diabetic before anyone had
discovered insulin.
It\'s hard.
Overwhelmingly so.

You are not a failure.
You are couragous and gifted and kind.

How can we get you to give yourself
some compassion and empathy?

cant type to the samaritans
anymore because before i was in a real mess
now im back to normal panic

and the way they reply is so.....
fixed ....its like a computer
i need to panic i text
i need to see it all out there
its like throwing up in text !!!

I like that
throwing up in text