its been a long life so farand also so short  feeling time is reaching way past the half way lineand its not worked out i could even die soonand i didnt even get anywhere  i have friends or people i know where its all been ok for years and years and i am nowhere and un loved  god i have failed so much i could screami get this awfull way back though the years feeling un loved un wanted on and on and its only me here to even here me scream !!!!!!!no one cares!!! there is no one i have tryed .i have reached out its a wall when i do get somewhere they are users  this trapped feeling is leading me to cutting destroy this self that is so un loveable             



Cutting is to release deep emotional pain.

Overwhelming pain.

I wish you could feel safe to see a Dr. and possibly get some meds.
It doesn\'t have to be THIS hard for you. There is help. The
really hard part is telling someone
how bad you feel.

But Dr.\'s are supposed to hear that stuff. It is their job.

Is it possible for you to see a doctor?
Think of it as being diabetic. Diabetics need insulin.

People who are suicidally depressed need seratonin.