its been a very hard week .i went to belson didnt get to go to the memorial but i walked along the road out side the camp  people say you cant hear birds sing while there there are trees everywhere the birds do sing but you are awear of the silence between that seems to be so longi had very little sleap over the 4 daysso while there i thought about how hard things were for these people  people would expect me to say the place was an awfull place and a spooky place but it is all covered with trees now and sheltered from the wind it was the only place i felt at peace within the whole tripthe closer i walked to the place the more calm it became  all that death and people passing seemed to conect to the ground of the place it felt like a book so much life and content placed in to one areaits not like visiting a grave side it was to big for a single link,it feels more like knowing about a generation a culture that is now gone like here is where the eygiptions were  instead of this is what they built it was this is what they lived with and tryed to survive the wall of silence that let this happen makes me feel cold the blind eye the say nothing  how could it become this  people will let things happen even if its wrong to the core of everything i was to afraid to go to see this place .but i did walk to italong it till you are on the ground there you dont know what you will feel its not a place of monsters or a dark place .people made it that 69 years ago although no one can or would like to or could ever feel what these people went hrough you are left with an enormas reverence for themyou could never imagin you were them or how they feltbut given a different time anyone of us could have been them they were nothing more or less than normal peole they were like us  i walked a very long road that they were forced to marchmany died on that road strange feeling just to walk in the steps of so many that died at the comand of monsters  evil seems to be silence things are hard when you speak out against wrong or try to do what you feel is right  but silence is a far far worse optionsilence of good people lets the evil in this world grow like a fire  i hope the spitits of the people who died amongst the trees there to dayare as at rest as the feeling the warm wind though the trees passed to me                                                                   



What a beautiful piece of writing. Lovely.

I\'ve often thought there is beauty in sadness.

You are so right, too.
There is a saying: \"The road to Aucshwitz was paved with indifference.\"

I was just listening to Sacha Baron Cohen talk about this and how his character Borat shows this.
Have you seen that movie? It\'s brilliant.
It shows how stupid indifference is. He mocks it. It\'s a power-shift.