having social problems had a few performing jobs at partysand clubs im feeling very very out of place .i feel im not part of scocity i cant cope with things like they all do .i just feel worse and more in a jar  im having work issues not dealing well with people im pushing them away,i have suprising amounts of resentment and even anger at reltionshipsor the way i see and have HAD  to deal with  i feel im sick of trying to prove i am worth to be loved and when i stop no one does love mei feel unloved sick of tryingfor everyone when no one cares anyway the whole thing is very upsetting i feel rejected and still feel like a small child that knows no one likes but for the only reason ,that i am me im just not a person that is wanted                 



Oh my.

This is tough. I can relate.

I withdrew from society for over a year. I hated everyone. EVERYONE.

All I could see was abuse and mean people and stupidity.

It will pass. Be gentle with yourself, k?

Oh, and I don\'t think anybody knows you.

I don\'t think you\'ve been able to get to know yourself.

I think that you are surrounded by insensitivity these days.

So take it one small step at a time.

When I feel depressed, I try and focus on a really small thing.

Like making my bed everyday. Small, small. Focus on taking a vitamin or do something to take care of YOU.

Okay? Let me know what that is.