she went a year agoshe came here in janshe came here 3 weeks ago  now i feel left more than the other times before i felt alone because she was gone now i feel LEFT  its not good :(  where the hell am i going to find a person for me nowthat was like my last chance  ill get comments like you will find someone when you dont think and all that rubbishi know the facts .i know how my life has ran ..i know the figuers and how it goesso i know how long it will be and i know the problems and the types out there so i am alone LONG TERM  its only people how are witrh someone long term say will find someone  the ones by them self say nothing because they know betterive been a loser from 7 so i know how it works .i found out fast and no matter what i do im in the list of people who are last . you cant argue with it its there in a record .i have proof just look at it all its a huge mess years of sorrow and people who shut the door on me no matter how much i gave of myself