Not sure what to write about there. I don't have much of it except for the hope that one day she can truly be happy again and for Jess and Kayla to succeed and not end up like me. 
I used to dream of changing the world but right now I just dream of her. Some good, some scary but she is always on my mind. I guess that's what happens when you truly love someone. I dream of starting a family with her when we are ready.  I dream of marrying her someday because she is perfect. 
My only real fear is losing the 2 people I care greatly about. I'm not afraid of dying myself but I couldn't stand losing either of them.
Right now I feel tired but I also have that smile on my face that only she can put there.
I love her more than anything and while I realize I may be setting myself up to be hurt again it doesn't matter because she is amazing.  She is the first person I am comfortable with. She seems to get me. The fact that she is smart, funny, cute and absolutely gorgeous is nice too. Even Jess has noticed the effect ske has had on me.
It's so boring not having her to pick on and hang out with. I miss my skate buddy. She'll be back on Monday so I'll just have to be bored until then. 
Me and things crossing my mind.
Her she is always on my mind. She makes me laugh, smile, and dream. Every day I want to cut but I don't because of her. She is my one person.  She is everything to me. I know I probably say it too much but I love her. 
And so concludes some short insights on how I think, feel and other stuff I could write about.