Another Day

Made it through another day of work and only broke down once this morning.  I also made it down to the restaurant yesterday for dinner.  My son is the chef and he makes the most outstanding seared scallops with white truffle risotto.  It just melts in your mouth.  I brought some home which I'll have for dinner tomorrow night.  Tonight is dinner with the kids.  One won't be able to make it tonight, as he has to work unexpectedly, but he stopped by last night and we chatted for awhile before I had to kick him out so I could get to bed.  These kids get to sleep in, I'm up at 5:30 every morning!  I find my grief to be so consuming of my energy, I don't always have a lot left by the time I get home.  Just getting through those six hours at work is about all I can manage some days.  I did get out in the yard yesterday and did some weed whacking and spraying.  My neighbor is still mowing my grass for me, but I've got to start doing it myself.  I think I'll have his son do the major part and pay him for it.  I'll do the smaller stuff and trimming.  Right now his dad is doing the smaller stuff, but he's got his own huge yard to take care of, and I can't lean on him much longer. It's the little things I miss so much about Gene--that first phone call in the morning, the kiss hello when I'd get home from work.  I'm doing ok right now.  Any day that I don't cry driving home is a good day.