Tis' a cold blustery wind surrounding me and mine on this winter's day. I stepped outside and felt the wind flying across my face.......after the day's rain it feels refreshing......and a relief to come back into this cozy little nest.
I had some goodies to give to the wee birds outside.  Sprinkled them across the damp ground and bid them come, partake of a simple feast.
What century am I in?  Clueless........inspired by a brief sojourn out of doors.
On practical matters, I have done my chores for this day.  Plant a big gold star on my dressing room door cause I did good.  It's not to say I'm all that, but it is good to take note of accomplishments and not let the remaining items on the undone list capsize you or me or anyone!
I packed up Christmas decorations.  Rejoiced for not putting out too much.  Too much is hard - this was way more doable.  I put the snowmen, the Christmas candles, the lovely cards, the little bits of sparkle, glitter & shine away..........and felt gratitude to friends near & far who shared a card , a remembrance and brightened the days at this Sparrow's Nest.  I save the cards you know and I think I'll start doing like Darla and put them up every year....they can be the tree!  Trying to decide, maybe I can find a great tree limb - tie the cards on with bits of ribbon? hmmmm, it could be arty and cool, maybe baby!
I could find a really great vintage glass container and fill it with river rock to hold the branch in place.  I must be catching up on rest, cause my brain is more alert.  sweet.
Did a load of laundry, when you are on your last pair of unmentionables it is TIME!!!!! sorry, TMI!
When my son was a college student he hated doing laundry so much that he came up with his own system.  He would simply run out and buy MORE!  He would rather give up food than have to do laundry......so the first time he came home, the dirty laundry was RIDICULOUS.  I made him come downstairs & count them.........one by one! He hung his head & bit his lip......trying to hide laughter......it was funny, but it was his last funny in the dirty laundry episode of college boy meets a twinkly eyed but not easily conned momma!!!!!
the trees are swaying to and fro......the earth is soaked.  pray that the trees remain in the upright position, rooted for many seasons!  The trash guys didn't come today and then I remembered duh, they are a day behind due to the holiday.  So yay, they will get it tomorrow.  Go brain foggy me.....la de dah.  Hope you can smile with me.....so relieved to get the trash to the curb!
i restocked dish soap, toilet paper, cat food.......put dishes in the dishwasher.  Watered tender little root babies......and put the regular decorations back in place.  The laundry is now in the dryer....yay! paid bills.  Tossed odd bits out of the frig.  I feel smiley on the inside.  I know these little lists are not exotic or mega fun times or anything, but to me it's awesome!!!! For those of who get behind due to crashes and other roadblocks.......sometimes i spend so much time RESTING i start to feel like petrified wood, it is a good day when we get to do some stuffs around the house.  I got to putter!  happy dance in my chair.......one spin is all i can take.......better to smile and say yay!
need to go get meds,milk & other necessary stuff.  hope to go SOON - we'll see.  
the cats are hiding upstairs, they are so used to me barely moving that they probably freaked a little.........for all they know i could be back from the dead or reincarnated or a loud rattling ghostie!  lol!!!!!
as i went back & forth through the rooms they started racing up & down those stairs.........the last time they went up they stayed up!  gotta love those funny sweet balls of racing fur........annie and rio are good 'uns.  i can hear them playing in the upstairs bathroom vanity cupboard.........goofballs!
pacing is important --- in with the good air out with the frustrated air.  i want to dust - polish - scrub - vacuum and more.  much much more.  but i know i have done what i can - it is time to knock it off...........
i appreciate hugs, encouragement and kindness more than you will ever know.........because of ya'll I keep at it.......I keep trying, I keep telling myself that we're worth it !!!! to not get in a dither over the things that can't be done in one mighty swoop.
and because of you i find laughter, i find funny in the most unexpected places at the oddest of times.........this year i want to allow as much light and joy in as i can take.  and then i want to take in some more.  as a work in progress God has taken me under his wing. helped me find so many ingenious solutions on how to live, how to make friends instead of being sadding about starring in my own Home Alone movie. I suppose at times alot of us feel that way..........but we are not alone nor are we forgotten.  When God holds you he holds fast, he doesn't forsake you.  Knowing God's got me and that he has provided me with friends and kindness and direction and purpose.  It's pretty incredible, it really is.
the wind just kicked up again............goodness!  based on the five day forecast I can already see the brain pain line up........the barometric pressure is gonna squash me bowling ball of a head.  och. 50 38 4752 33 29hike.  sorry it FINALLY occurs to me that i am still yammering away, oops.......have a nice evening.  praying for you and yours.........God Bless You!



Gold star!! What a good day! I agree about not putting out too much holiday stuff, much easier to pack up and I tend to donate stuff every year. Hey, here\'s an idea about your cards. I wonder if there\'s a way you could use metal coat hangers and clothes pins over the back of a door? Leave this lil project idea with me...I\'m like a dog with a bone....off to research for you... We\'re freezing up here....yammer all you like, it\'s so cold, after 30 seconds outside, frostbite hits and that\'s all we talk...hope your brain pain stays away! xxoo

Loved reading this. Was getting a sense of another age. Also hope trees stay in their place. Glad you had a productive day, love it when that happens. Hugs

Oh yes, just hang up the cards...everywhere! I told you that I save cards from year to year. Not just for the numbers, but to see kids grow!! I see pets grow.....its\' just a wonderful way to watch things change. I love hanging cards all over the place. It just looks so festive. No need to do a whole lot of decorating. I have lots of candles. They bring on the Spirit too!!

You have cleaned up now...you\'re done \"undecorating\", so you are ready to knock it off and rest!! Enjoy your precious furbabies.....! Jeepers, you even got bills paid. YOU DONT GOOD, GIRL!!

Rest well tonight, Sparrow. We\'re already almost buried under snow. Can\'t wait to see what it looks like in the a.m. Already can\'t see the car....UGH!!!!

Loved your story of your son\'s dirty laundry when he came home from college. I am sitting here laughing over it. I hope you are resting after such a busy day, Ruthie. Don\'t overdo it.
Love xxx

When I began to read this I thought I was in for a classic novel from many centuries ago. You caught your self.
It is wonderful to get chores done and have things clean and restocked. it is a great accomplishment even for people who have no health problems.