It's been another busy couple of weeks.  Still waiting for the house to close.  The weather is starting to change and we need to get moved so I can get to my warmer clothes.  Still working on my side job of building a website. It's slow going and I don't feel experienced enough but I'm wading my way through.  Work has been extremely busy... Lots of hardware failures and server issues...which is leaving me no time to study for my A+.  Last night was really fun..NOT.  Steve was drinking of course.  About 7pm he went to the back of the house and took a shower.  I kept waiting for him to come out to start dinner...after about a half hour when he did not come out I went in the back and he was fast asleep.  Oh well, I got to watch the premier of the new Stargate series without interruption anyway.  this morning is not starting off much better.  the dog tried to jump over me to get on the sofa with me and knocked my hot coffee all over me, the sofa, everywhere.  Just what I wanted to do at 4::30 am...clean up a mess.  Anxiety most of the weekend.  Seems every time he and I have a quiet weekend with not really anything to be doing this happens...Is it us?  or just that I can no longer relax at all.  I spent most of Saturday working on the website and my knitting project (making a blanket for my 3 year old nephew.) I really need to get better about writing every day.  Too much time going by in between. Hopefully when we are moved my time management skills will improve.  This has taken so long and living out of boxes is starting to really suck.