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Vitiligo or leukoderma is a skin disease that causes loss of pigment, resulting in irregular white patches of skin. There is some evidence suggesting it is caused by a combination of auto-immune, genetic and environmental factors. Half of vitiligo patients develop signs of the disorder before the age of 20, with patches of de-pigmented skin appearing on extremities. Share experiences and support with this community!

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  • deleted_user


    Does Homeopathy work for Vitiligo?
  • goldye

    Vitiligo spreading over my body

    First I am so grateful and fortunate that my vitiligo started in my 30's and not during my childhood. I know how cruel kids & teenagers can be. Anyway, I noticed the 1st small speck of skin discoloration on my left hand when I was pregnant with my daughter. During the 3.5 yrs. between pregnancies the vitiligo did not grow or spread much. During my 2nd pregnancy I noticed the discoloration got...
  • mehultrivedi

    Can anybody comment on my treatment?

    On my face at one corner of Lip a white patch appeared of aaprox 1 mm x 1 mm size about two month ago. Before 15 days I got 4 white paches of about 2 mm x 2 mm size on forhead. Dematologist suspected it  vitiligo & given folowing tratment.1 Tab Antoxid-HD 1 for 30 days2 Mebex (Mebenndazole) 100 mg 1-1 (for 3 days - I have completed dose) 3 Orofer - XT 1 in afternoon (for 20 days)4 Melanocyl...
  • blackhoontas

    Help me

    I am 20 years old and I have semi vitiligo on my right thight.But It doesn't grow,so I don't have it on the rest of my body.A lot of guys ask me out but I get insecure because it feels like I am hiding a secret and that I would scare them away.It affects my dating and sex life(I'm still a virgin).Help????
  • divshirsat12

    Vitiligo Treatment in Homeopathy

    Homeopathy offers proven treatment for the cases of vitiligo which do not have extensive spread. Early and milder cases may be treated with excellent success, moderate and spreading cases can expect partial color formation with good control, while rapidly spreading cases may be controlled significantly. It may be noted that good control over the spread is also considered a success in extensive...
  • alcross1

    My Vitiligo Success. What's Working For Me

    Hi all, over the past 2 decades I have been tirelessly researching and waiting for a vitiligo cure or treatment that works with no success(There are some nice potential treatments in the works but they still have to work around the many potential side effects eg Stemcells and Scenesse). After my Vitiligo spread to my face and started really destroying my life i decided to do something about it. I...
  • joeblack123

    Penile vitiligo (vitiligo on the penis) - HELP ME!

    Though my own stupidity I have developed vitiligo on my penis. I was given a pack of antibiotics in a third world country, which I proceeded to take for much longer than is intended. During this time a white spot appeared on my penis and has continued to spread over the last 3 years. I have seen dermatologists about this and it is extremely embarrassing. My doctor told me "most girls won't notice...
  • ap.14

    Emotional Component to the Onset?

    Hi Everyone! I'm 37 and started noticing white patches at the age of 34, a year after giving birth to my daughter and 6 months after a emotionally traumatic auto accident. My daughter was in the car during the accident as well, which impacted me a lot. Dermatologists have told me Vitiligo was probably always there in my system(even though there is no family history of anyone else in my family...
  • arha

    vitiligo? I need your help with my survey!!

    Vitiligo survey:frequently= daily Information about the survey:The answers in the survey are going to be used as a support for my diploma project and your answers are anonymous. My diploma project is about vitiligo and its connections to inter alia gluten intolerance. My name is Arsema Hailu and Im a Swedish student. I have vitiligo and I have been gluten intolerant for 2 months and documented...
  • missm42

    i worry for my kids... will they get it too?

    I have suffered from vitiligo for about 15 years and it covers most of my body. I have 2 children and worry if they will get it too. I dont want them to get it because we all know how cruel kids can be. I dont wish this upon anyone but im curious as to if anyone that has vitiligo also has a child with it. I do not want my kids to go through what i have gone to because i find myself withdrawn...
  • antisense

    My progress

    After 45 treatments with X trac laser, my face which had patches all over is completely cured. At least for the time being. I went through three times a week for nearly 4 months of treatment. Hard to believe. I had no side effects. Those who are considering X trac, I strongly encourage you to try insurance permitting.
  • antisense

    Experience with Coconut oil-based therapy?

    There are few products on the internet 1) Vitiligo organic ( from Australia and 2) Vitiligo Green (Miami). Both of these products use coconut oil as a base and has natural herbs. Has anyone got experience with either of these products? Recently I tried both. Skin pealing on the face, itching are major problems I have faced in...
  • natural24

    TRUE VITILIGO HELP!! Real Results!

    Hey everyone! There is a completely natural vitiligo treatment that works! There are real results, and the treatment is so simple with organic ingredients! If you are trying to get rid of your vitiligo, please give it a chance. Check out, and be sure to check out the vitiligo video on the site also!
  • formychild

    Oatmeal and Epson Salt may have helped vitiligo

    I recently picked up at a farmer's market an oatmeal soap bar. I read that oatmeal and honey MAY help vitiligo. I dislike that there is no cure and everything is a "may." My son has vitiligo and I let him use the oatmeal bar of soap. It seemed like the vitiligo with the oatmeal bar started to fade a tiny bit. It could be just wishful thinking on my part but he said, "mommy it looks like my...
  • antisense

    Vitiligo cure?

    Exciting news about recent Vitiligo treatment from Yale study. See drug that works for rheumatoid arthritis has been shown to work in one patient.