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Wearing a wig for trich

Hi everyone,
I don't really know what the structure of these discussions is supposed to be, but I wanted to talk about wearing wigs and having trich. I've worn a wig for about 7 years now, as it got too embarrassing to have huge bald patches in some areas and thick hair in others. I've had trich for about 10 years now, just for some background. When I first started wearing a wig, I would wear it at school but not for sports (for fear of it falling off) and I felt like I was living some double life. After wearing a wig for so long, it's basically a part of me now, and it helps with pulling except when I take it off at night and pull if I'm stressed. The only thing is, sometimes when people ask about my hair, I don't want to tell them that its a wig, because Im embarrassed, but I feel like I'm lying to them. I also fear that future partner might not take the whole wig thing well. Has anybody had similar issues? How do you deal with feeling guilty? Sorry for the long rant, needed to get that off my chest!



I think a lot of us have been through similar situations and I know I have. I have lied to people who had the audacity to ask if I was wearing a wig. I would never be so rude as to ask someone that. Do not feel guilty about it. They are the ones who should feel guilty, for being so rude.
Just keep coming to the forum here where you will find support and understanding.
Don't worry about a future partner who does not even exist yet. Concentrate on today, just one day at a time.

Thanks for sharing and for the advice! :)

You are welcome :)

hey! i'm new to this site.

I wear a wig, and it helps give me time to grow out my natural hair because i shaved it down.

1) its a human hair wig, and i bought its mine! :P
2)i've had a boyfriend for over a year now, we don't live together but we havesleepovers pretty often and its never been a problem
you just gotta add bobby pins to keep it secure, or get a wig with clips on the side..or glue if you really need it

3) i used to feel guilty to. but i got over it when i realized i was doing whAT was best for me. i wear a lace front wig and everyone assumes that its my natural hair
wear it with confidence!

Hi there. One of my close friends also faces the same issue. She lost her hair because of some illness. Everyone is now aware of the fact that she wears a wig. I think, you should not be embarrassed of wearing a wig. There is not bad about wearing hair extensions. My friend buy wigs online from various online stores like Amazon, , Walmart and Snapdeal.

I've had a similar experience. I paid over $1,000 to get professional extensions put in my hair. Nobody understood WHY I would spend that much money on a "cosmetic". I maxed out my credit cards and put myself in, by the end, $3,000 worth of debt for these extensions. I would go to any extent to hide my bald spots. Eventually, I did have to get them removed. I ran out of money. But every time someone would ask me about them, I would be so embarrassed to tell them about it. But I didn't want to lie, so I told them the truth and then the responses I received were so judgemental that I started lying anyway. Everyone said I was stupid for spending that much money. But they didn't understand WHY I got them. It wasn't because I wanted prettier hair, longer hair, thicker hair, etc. it's because I wanted to be able to wear my hair down and look normal. But people don't understand what they don't experience. My feelings were more "ashamed" than they were guilty. But to get through it I surrounded myself with my best friends who loved me no matter what the circumstances. It really did help. And as far as the significant other... well after 14 years of pulling I've realized people don't actually care about it if they are a genually good person. Actually I've never had a problem with because rejected because of it. My fiancé accepts it as part of me and he loves me despite all my flaws. Why would you want to be with anything less? If they can't accept your disorder then you shouldn't accept them
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