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How to act female

Im a pre op mtf and considering going through with the surgey. I looked on the internet and there seems to be a lack of material so i wondered if you guys and girls could give me advice on how to act and behave female.



Meet female friends, and start hanging out going places.

first the walk is like walking with string of pearls straight and shoulders back as one of the elderly told me when i was a caregiver.

Then there is manurisms but those are easy when you have some gal pals..

Dressing classy is something that is cool too.
Remember if a top is like ultra to small it isnt going to be flattering unless you are a small framed individual..

Make up tips can be done at a mall: call a head and expecially cause its almost the holiday of halloween it wont matter if you dress.. MOst wouldnt care if you did or didnt..
but i doubt your going to have trouble with that :oP

Do a spa day for nails and etc..

Be yourself and have fun..

Wear flattering shoes make sure they arent too small or what not..

Remember that some women are danity some arent..
Its whatever your personality is that determines what type you will be..

Make friends and be you..
Thats all it is about..

The walk is hard to do sometimes or so i have noticed of my so.
Women are just like a man save for the attributes and little things..
So have fun experiment and enjoy freedom from the maleness.

Tons of hugs to you and support..

Hey sandra.. Your a beautiful goddess.. I hug you both..
YOur friend

I believe you have to start from your heart and work your way out. Like Sandra said, meet female friends and understand where they are comming from in terms of the way they think about things.

Particularly how they relate to people and how they think about themselves.

Also ask about the fun stuff, where they like to shop, what clothes they like etc.

Choose clothes that will accenuate your femininity, look at yourself critically in the mirror and figure out what type of makeup works for you and what clothes go best with your style.

Get used to and then really comfortable with wearing high heels, this will force a change in the way you walk that will be inherently more feminine.

Swing your booty when you walk, do this overtly to start with when you complete the transision you will be doing this less overtly and more naturally.

Try to make all your arm and hand guestures more delicate, try to hold a cup or glass in a conciously more delicate manner.

Hope this helps.

The next lesson, is when you're not hanging around your female friends, when you are alone in the public by yourself. A guy comes along while staring at you, and then he makes a rude comment. One thingy that I learned about guys, is that they tend to curse a lot when they are offended or they just do it for the fun of their male ego, but when transitioning from MTF the use of slang words isn't lady-like, so you would need to work on feminizing your vocabulary.

You must feminize everything.
Get a lot of very feminine female friends.
You may ask some questions so you can have a deeper idea of women's feelings and reactions.
Take a closer look at magazines intended for the female public and observe fashion and makeup tricks and techniques.
Body and face hair removal is very important.
Guys look for smooth skin without bumps like the ones you get from shaving, mostly in your face.
Moderate your voice tone to a smoother one.
Pay attention to details in your way of acting and physical appearance.
A lot of trannies forget about a simple detail such as having their finger nails and toe nails done.
Heels are sexier than flat shoes, learn how to walk with them like if they belong to your body.
Sexy lingerie is very attractive for guys.
Avoid using too much blush powder, it will remark your man's facial features.
Mini skirts are also a big turn on for guys.
Try the ones that are wider than the waist at the bottom.
It will create the effect that you have more thighs and butt.

I can keep on going but it will be too long to post here.
Feel free to contact me anytime.

Absolutely, shaving of the facial hair and mustache is important.
The next step is getting makeup that matches your skin tone color, that should help fade out any remaining facial hair. Gently shaving of the arms, and under your arm pits is also important, and lets not forget about shaving the legs (gently) because nicking can occur if your not careful,

Slow change is not as noticable. Find your female side and let her grow. I beleive change is like a store window you pass by everyday. When the dissplay is different, you'll stop and look. But you probably would not notice a small item taken away or added. Here is something which has helped me in my life journey and might be of help to you. When I see a woman around my age and size, I see how she carries herself, what she is wearing and so on. I have done this my whole life and it has helped me to be who I am today. Enjoy who you are.


A site with fantastic people and advice among other things is Its based in the UK. It is free. It can be used as a dating site or as a place for making friends. There are some weirdos on there, no doubt, but there are also a lot of great people on that site. I'm genderqueer and have been on that site since I was 16 years old.

Another great website for trannies is

When you walk the walk, it just comes natural... Watch how GG's are in society. Soon enough, you will be just like them. Another site that helped me when I first decided to transition over 5 years ago...



Well...women wipe backwards from most males or away from you towards the toilet....sorry but ya need to know that too! don't use the f word cus it sounds hard. Don't spit in public...gross but if ya got to fart squeeze it! a lot of things come natural after you are on hormones like playing with your hair. Use lots of skin conditioner! keep your hair healthy and your teeth. sit with your legs crossed. but at the same time you should try sitting on the back of the car and just let your bare feet dangle..get used to that feeling...find things that make you smile or giggle women smile a lot.


Erm i was just wondering on what you meant by act female?, I know what you mean and i have been acting and have known how to act feminine for most my life, but the thing is there is more than one way to act like a female. Take alook around and look at the women, are all of them glamouoursly flaunting themselves walking head high shoulders back?, are theya ll wearing dresses or even high heels? are they talking lady like and not in slang?

If you take a good look around you, you'll be suprised that many females hardly act this way. what you have to figure out for yourself is how women are acting in your social enviroment, a road to failing is trying to act TOO feminine, being too feminine is something that can make women like us easily noticable as non genetic women. I will be walking and acting very feminine when i become fulltime, but thats because i want to and also because the women in my surroundings are similar to this too. There is no right or wrong way to act like a woman, you dont see a woman asking another woman how do you act female? It all comes from the heart and trying to act a life that isn't suitable to you but u think you HAVE to act this way because that woman over there is, is just as bad as living a life in the closet. Be youself sweetie and dont over exaggerate in the feminine depo, as you'll find not all women are like stepford housewivesxxx

I hope this helps hunny and good luck x
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