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Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ syndrome, is an acute or chronic inflammation of the temporomandibular joint, which connects the lower jaw to the skull. The disorder and resultant dysfunction can result in significant pain and impairment.

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  • deleted_user

    Atlas Orthoganists Chiropracter help???

    Hi everyone..Has anyone gotten any relief from jaw popping after seeing an Atlas Orthoganist Chiropracter? Or any other treatments to stop jaw popping. I'm trying to use NTi, but it's very frustrating..Thanks!
  • NatashaB1979

    Long road, ready to be done....

    Hi all, new here. NOT new to TMJ. It started in 2007 with the typical symptoms of clicking and popping. Then in spring of '08, my cartilage dislodged. After many years of seeing many many doctors and "specialists" I finally had my surgery to replace my cartilage in 2014, but unfortunately even though my cartilage had been replaced, in did not work for pain, as my nerves are so damaged in my face...
  • ihatemyjaw

    TMJ Sucks!!

    Hello,I just need to hear back from people with TMJ! I was diagnosed with it a few months ago and the doctors I've seen are absolutley SHIT! I live in Paris, France and I don't know why but almost every doctor I've seen hasn't helped much at all. The only person who has helped is the osteopath I see once every 3 months. But after a few weeks the pain creeps back and I'm in ear pain hell. Anyway...
  • redvelvetcake

    Jaw Joint Arthroscopic Surgery

    So hello all! I'm an old member of DS but new to the TMJ board. I used to just ignore my symptoms but had an incident this year and it's been worse ever since. I tried physical therapy which helped but I still "click" I now click on both sides but one side worse. I have in the past had migraines and neck and shoulder pain. I have ear pain that comes and goes but not all the time. The clicking is...
  • deleted_user

    Itchy ears

    I think I read in one of these threads that TMJ can cause the ears to itch. Anyone know anything about that? I can deal with the jaw pain. I eat soft foods when it's bad but refuse to give up pizza and soft pretzels, or bagels (the worst for me). But my ears itch 24/7 , just about 365. It would just be nice to know that I'm not alone.
  • So ive been suffering from jaw pain, clicking, grinding, popping for years(since about 2009) so a long time.  Severity comes and goes. Recently its been really bad.  Jaw pain mostly on the left side altho sometimes its on the right as well. Tends the radiate down my neck and along my jaw bone.  Pressure and pain in my ears and my face.  Pressure in eyes.  Facial twiching and vibrating...
  • NatashaB1979

    Why is this called a SUPPORT GROUP?

    I was scrolling through some of the other posts and joined thinking perhaps I would get some solace with others. Then I just noticed how many ppl have posted and no one has replied to them.... so why would this be called a SUPPORT group if none of us are supporting each other through this???
  • kpowell

    Tmd deformed my face ?! Help

    hello, i have severe TMD and I grind my teeth. As a result I have noticed that the skin on my cheeks have shifted. Not sure if I have degenerative, I guess only a ct scan can show that. Does anyone have degenerative tmd? Anywho my whole face is ruined, cheeks are puffy, eyelids are droopy, whole face is shorter. It's awful I won't leave the house. Please help me❤️❤️❤️
  • deleted_user

    TMJ and holidays!

    I just came back from a week in Bali, totally relaxing and doing nothing much at all (I live in Perth, Western Australia). I noticed the whole time I was on holiday I had no jaw pain or symptoms at my first day back at work and I can feel it coming back again slightly. I am trying to stay relaxed and hope this helps.Amazing how stress affects us.
  • OMGthisSucks

    Swollen Temples

     Hello I am New to DS. anyway was wondering if anyone with TMJ is getting swollen Temples when they eat? it just started happening to me about a month ago been to the doc everything is fine. almost every time i eat my temples swells they go back down after a few min but then my jaw feels like i have chewed 10 miles of beef jerky! I an just learning about TMJ so don't know if this is part of...
  • Becca571158


    Hi Everyone,I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some advice. I've had problems with my jaw joints since I was eleven (now 21) I was referred to a surgeon at the hospital four years ago and since then I've had anthrocentisis done on both sides and more recently an athroplasty on both sides. I've also been put on all kinds of medications- I've had nortriptyline, amitryptiline,...
  • pokeandprod

    Some hope for the hopeless

    Hi all fellow tmj sufferers.I have sufffered for 30 years with all the symptoms of tmj, ( probably initially caused by extensive orthodontic work in the teenage years). The things that have worked for me when I have a flare up (usually caused by stress clenching or a good bagel) are as follows:1st.. My chiropractor going in and putting pressure on all the trigger points inside my jawline and face...
  • Bunnyray


    I was told I have TMJ, muscle spasms from clinching.  I wear a special night guard that was made by a TMJ Specialist.  I do not have typical TMJ symptoms.  I have grinding and crunching sounds which makes me feel like I literally have sand in my mouth.  I am going to a chiropractor now but not getting relief from these strange symptoms. Has anyone experienced anything like this?  
  • misunderstood4601

    Steroid Injections?

    Ok, so this is whats happening at the moment. My doctors keep wanting to stick my with needles saying it could help. They would like to do steroid injections into my jaw joint. I am going on thursday to have this done. Here is my problem I have no idea what Im getting myself into and it makes me verry jumpy and anxous considerig I have no idea what the pain of these injections are. I cannot find...
  • K112

    Really struggling

    Ive had this condition a few years now. I went through all the normal processes of physio, splints, accupunture and day surgery. Nothing has helped and so I'm just left on pain medication which arent helping very much. Just getting really depressed about it all.