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This community is devoted to helping those looking to improve their time management skills. Time management is commonly defined as the various means by which people effectively use their time and other closely related resources in order to make the most out of it.

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  • So, I am very new at this. I am really struggling with time management. I currently work full time...full-time student...full time wife...full time mother. In additon, my husband and I both are in recovery...we attend meetings 5-7 nights a week. Least to say, I don't get alot of help at home. If I want anything done, I have to do it. When I get worn out I don't explode but get aggitated and do...
  • So, there is a lot going on in the office lately and work i piling up. I found it hard to get together the team to push all the work before the deadlines. That was a hell of a lot of stress. So I had to look for an alternative to reorganize the system and decided to use software for that ( screenish.com ) . Now it is a lot better, we can schedule and finish before deadlines. However, I must admit...
  • pastelgoth1

    Hi I am new here

    hi I'm new. Uh ok I have no concept of time whatsoever I know some numbers but I don't even know what and hour is or if a friend asked me to meet them at such a place at any time I wouldn't even know it. Please help.
  • I am currently looking for a job and I get so bored having nothing to do, so what fun or interesting things and websites and etc. are there for when I am bored?  I have thought of some things, like: playing Wii, Dailystrength, looking stuff up on Internet (only so much of that), reading books from the library, and stuff like that.
  • I have a major issue with my deadlines... and I tend to work all night long to compensate...It would be good to have a software that would automatically reschedule my tasks, until we finish the one you are working on!And I found a software that does precisely that: AgendaGuruHas anyone tested it (www.agendaguru.com)?
  • Desigol1979

    Time Drunk Hair of the Dog

    I have been stretching myself too much over the week, especially on Thursday when I was up all night then had things to deal with for Gran the following day. It is part of the insanity of my life, even with recovery.On Friday I didn't drink anything caffeinated during the day and collapsed during the afternoon with exhaustion. Withdrawal, plus denial. I realised just how much Caffeine keeps me...
  • anneccleaver

    The New Year

    This new year I am going to three things for my goalsreading books at my call center jobexcersizingplaying guitar paying off my collegeI need to decide if I should excersize in the morning or playguitar or the other way around Monday through Friday betweent the hours of 7am to 9AM, then from 6pm to 10pm insert the opposite item. I might take a day off here and there to have fun but other than...
  • Desigol1979

    Managing my time

    In my first week at my new home and this is the first day I'm edgy about what to do during the day. But I AM eating less. :)
  • Desigol1979

    Need to prioritise

    Today I told a friend from my old Village; who moved to a Village close to where I now life this weekend; that I'd visit her on Wednesday. Then I was reminded that Wednesday Afternoon is the time of the Christmas Dinner for my place.I am still too off the cuff with my time management. Today I was zoned out all morning and afternoon after only seven hours sleep. Now I have to be a bit more mindful...
  • I overstretched myself several times due to being hypomanic. But I have given myself more me time and still run the 'Chop Wood! Carry Water!' errands.
  • rc6987

    Best practices for staying motivated?

    Hi, would like to hear what others do to stay motivated, productive and overcome procrastination on a daily basis?Or, if you're struggling with it, what aspects do you find challenging about being motivated in life and keeping a productive, orderly schedule?Would like to get some ideas shared here :)
  • I haven't read it for a few days; it's over 500 pages and is about one of my favourite recording artists. Perhaps I should cut my losses, return it to the Library on Friday and wait until I have enough money to buy the book; plus the second part of the biography.Reading is a huge challenge for me due to my Asperger's.
  • deleted_user

    Junk Mail

    I have a hard time with junk mail. Does anyone know how to get rid of junk mail. Besides the recycling bin?Thanks!
  • Desigol1979

    Time Drunk again

    And, yet again, it's Gran shouting, "Mud in your eye!"Monday is gonna be a huge challenge for me. I have to 'Sign On' and then take Gran to Cookstown to run a few errands before heading back to get both a support worker visit, that has to be rearranged, and an Action Meeting in UA.Hope and pray I get through Monday.
  • What is the best time management software I can placed on my iPad? I am looking for one to help me study and take exams. Thanks