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Childhood","This community is dedicated to parents of children who experience insomnia. Insomnia is inadequate quantity or quality of sleep. Children with insomnia exhibit of difficulty falling or staying asleep, which results in significant impairment of daytime functioning. Insomnia is categorized as transient (shorter than one week), short-term (one to three weeks) or chronic (longer than three weeks)."

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  • sanzana

    Lack of Sleep? Try some sleeping tips!

    Want a good night sleep? Practice healthy sleep habits for a restful and refreshing sleep.Here are 25 tips for a good night sleep:1. Maintain a bedtime routine2. Wake up in the morning at the same time3. Make the bedroom dark and quiet4. Keep the bedroom noise levels minimum5. Make the bed comfortable to sleep6. Avoid watching television before going to bed7. Use bed only for sleep8.  Keep the...
  • Beryl367


    I just found this group. I am the parent of a teen with a developmental disability. Part of our millieu is chromic sleep issues. Right now we are relying on meds to help with this and having limited success. I joined in case I might accidentally find something we haven't tried yet that helps. Beryl
  • Siena

    Sleep issues

    My almost 11 year old daughter can't settle at night time. She's even awake when I go to  sleep and after.  She is very energetic and cannot settle. I have tryed all I can and it has an impact on her next day. She can become aggressive and not able to concentrate. I don't get evening to myself as I'm with her all evening. I'm seeking pyhchologist support and guidance. Any suggestions?
  • PaleOxymoron

    I just joined.

    I just created this account.  I'm a 26 year old single mom to a 5 year old.  Both of us have bad insomnia.  We're both on melatonin, but it has stopped working for my son.  ZzzQuil and Benedryl haven't worked, either.  He stays awake until 3:00 am or later, then wakes up at 5:00 am and again at 7:00 or 8:00 am, then either stays awake for the rest of the day or wakes up again at 11:00 am.
  • Tweety43

    Sleep Issue with Concerta

    I have a 10 year old boy that has been on Concerta for about a week, it has helped some issues, including anxiety and behavior, but he is not sleeping at night.He takes the medicine about 6am everyday.  Has anyone else had issues with it and what did you do?
  • sweetconfusion

    Emmalynn, 2 years old

    I have a 2 year old daughter who does not sleep, she will go days without sleeping. I have taken her to doctor after doctor they just keep telling me its normal she will grow out of it, thing is I have 2 other children and this never happened with them. I am seeking any and all ideas, advice or maybe someone else who's gone through this or still is.thanks ahead of time.
  • Sara017

    Sleep Terrors & Sleep Walking?

    Ok so first off this post isnt about myself. I just happened to be watching an episode of Forensic Files and they were saying that people who sleep walk cannot recognize faces and cannot distinguish between light and darkness. But my little brother had night terror episodes when he was 10-13 and recognized not only my family and myself but friends as well. During the first "episode" he also told...
  • deleted_user

    Cannot fall asleep

    My son is 3.5 and hasn't been able to calm himself enough to sleep. Since birth he has had sleeping issues, but now he is so restless at night-it takes several hours and lots of playing/crying/noisemaking/fidgeting for him to finally calm and fall asleep. Now he is also experiencing night terrors. Anyone else dealing with this and have any suggestions?
  • KianaG2096

    Awake,dreaming or paranormal?

    Okay so, about two years ago i had just moved into this old house with my boyfriend and it instantly gave me and everyone else the creeps. Goose-bump - hair raising , creeps. Everyone was scared to be alone and especially to go in the basement alone. You ALWAYS had this feeling something , someone was behind you, inching towards you , just this evil-hateful feeling. Now dont get me wrong, no ones...
  • deleted_user

    This might be the wrong place, but someone help me

    I'm not a child, I'm 20, but this is the only sleep problems place I could think of going to.I swear, I have something that's undiagnosed. I don't think this is normal.Take tonight for example.I've been attempting to sleep for two hours. Exactly two hours actually, but I only seem to enter that dreamy state in between wakefulness and sleep . The state where you're still sort of aware of your...
  • amack0601

    Night terrors or sleepwalking

    The other night, my 3 year old was acting very strangely. Getting up and opening then slamming doors, shaking or nodding her head when I asked her if she wanted water. She usually says yes, but that night she was mute & sitting up in bed and just basically doing nothing, I couldn't see what her face was like because it was dark. When I try to talk to her, no response. Does it sound like...
  • deleted_user


    I can't sleep at night like I'm not going to sleep until like Mabey two oclock every day and I have school so I can't be doing this I try to sleep like I have really tried to sleep but it's like my body goes into like a hyperactive mode and I have to like do all my chores or I have the feeling of wanting to do things that I should do the next day or something like thatits like I have to do...
  • deleted_user

    Sleep better

    Hey guys, I found this neat video about how you can sleep better.
  • deleted_user

    sleep paralysis?

    i hate this i hate dreams i wish i could just not dream but sleep. but everytime i go to sleep i have horrible dreams where i cant move or breath. i try and scream but i cant. im not sure if i have my eyes open during this but its really wierd that im in my room and i look at the foot of my bed and there is this man holding me down. this has me terrified. idk what to do. does this sound like...
  • Love23101

    Night Terrors?

    I'm 16 years old and I keep on having these weird flashbacks... Whenever I wake up, I remember parts of the dream I had. Throughout the day, I keep on seeing these flashbacks... I've woken up with my heart pounding and tears in my eyes... then I slowly calm down. They aren't like 'flashback' flashbacks... they're more of a replay of what went on in the dream I had. They're always scary too. I...