Self-Injury Support Group

Whether you or someone you know or love struggles with self-injury, this is the community to discuss your experience, find support, meet others going through the same, and get advice on how to stop. Working together, we can help find alternative coping skills to reduce the urge to self-harm.

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  • Madeline0804

    New Member

    Hello, my name is Madeline. I am 15 years old and have struggled with anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. I started cutting about 2 years ago. I am currently 2 weeks clean and feeling a lot better. if anyone wants to talk, message me.
  • longing2fly2017

    how do you stop yourself from cutting.....

    ive managed for two days not to cut, which is a personal record for me with everything thats been happening. i really really really really want to because its the only thing that will make me relax. i feel so tense and like im going to explode right now but if i do i dont know whats going to happen. so i came on here because the doc said cutting would hurt the baby and im trying not to cut by...
  • luv_h8_Cut

    Lost & Tired

    I'm not really sure how this works; I just joined.  But I know I need to be with others that can relate to me and even possibly help.  I am 35 and I have been a cutter, on and off, since I was 14.  I always cut when I don't know how to deal with an extreme emotion.  Last night I cut the deepest I ever have.  I need to go get stitches today.  I'm not cutting because I want to commit sucide,...
  • Mylesisme

    I'm addicted to self harm!

    I can't stop idk what to do it's always on !Y mind one cut here one cut there and I can't stop! Please help me!
  • wildFIRE

    struggling with selfharm and past abuse

    i struggled alot with selfharm when i was 12, and had to stop because i was found out by my mom, and because of how she reacted i don't think i ever truly got the help i needed and thats why its come back and its so hard. First of all let me say i don't really cut currently or atleast i'v only done it a couple times, if i ever do i use my nails but alot of the times i just punch and hit myself...
  • skinIMin

    is it or is it not?

    Is suicide un Godly?
  • Skye12

    Why I cut

    Hi my name is Skye and I'm 12 I just started this group and I'm not sure what to say so I'm just gonna tell everyone my experience and why I started to cut .well to begin with my parents split up and kids at school would call me a orphan which don't make sense I live with my mom they would call me emo fat ugly worthless nasty and u shouldn't be breathing . I felt like I had no one and everyone...
  • Kayla_Drake

    Life Ruined

    Well today was the worst day ever. My aunt found out I've been cutting. I've went months keeping it a secret and the moment she invades my privacy and goes through some personal things I'm done for. I really don't know what to do right now.
  • jenn49781

    I'm not sure what to do...

    I want to cut so bad right now. I love my H and he suffers from many emotional disorders. Sometimes I think he's mad at me and when I ask him he gets hostile. I can't talk to him when he's in a state of depression and I don't know what to do. The only thing I can think of is to always made me feel better in the past. 
  • aaa_that_cutter

    Am I crazy?

    so I self harm a lot. The only person I talk to about it or that knows is my dance teacher. I guess I have this figurative feeling in my mind that she can either be my sister, my best friend, my mom, or any three. When I need to talk to her about cutting I feel guilty and like a burden. I just always feel like I need to talk to her or be with her but I don't want to sound weird? Sometimes I feel...
  • musicgirl1991


    I don't know what to do . My parents keep yelling at me every time I cut . So I have stopped some how . It's been like a week but the more days I don't the more i want to do it so bad . I just really love doing it and I feel like I'm missing somthing by not . I really need help but I don't know what that help is :(. 
  • Cheyanne

    Why I cut

    Well the reason why I started cutting it when my mom started using drugs and she used to have different man come in and out of the house and I got raped and I told my mom and she told me I deserved it and she let it happen to me and she started beating me and i started cutting because of it then dcs got called and I got tooken away from my family and got placed into a foster home and the foster...
  • b_happy

    New To This Group

    Hi everyone. I hope you all are having an alright or even wonderful night. I'm new to this support group. I've struggled with self harm a lot in high school. I'm 20 and it just came back when my grandma passed. I grab at any prescription meds I can find, cocaine, almost bleach a few times. I struggle to just enjoy a simple beer. I usually just "accidentally" drink too much when I'm around my...
  • I haven't been on this site in years...this is a bit surreal. So I guess the basics are I've been cutting for eight years? I guess...I can't believe it's been this long. I used to cut every single day. I had to. I was addicted. I needed it. Then I started burning, choking, and punching myself. I finally got it under control for a little while and was able to do it less often. But then I other...
  • clarissa

    the past return

    i thought i had overcome it. it was long time ago when i did my supposedly last cut. i don't know what happen but i found a razor next to me and felt the neccesity to cut again.i was to weak... and i did cut. i thought that i wasn't going to do it again. i am a failure and a weak person. everything is getting so bad again.