Self-Injury Support Group

Whether you or someone you know or love struggles with self-injury, this is the community to discuss your experience, find support, meet others going through the same, and get advice on how to stop. Working together, we can help find alternative coping skills to reduce the urge to self-harm.

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  • alien63

    Trigger warning

    Coming off the heels of a health diagnosis, I was told I need to lose weight or I could lose my vision. This was fine, it's the kick in the ass I need to finally lose this weight I've put on the last couple of years since leaving high school anyways — my eyesight comes first anyways. I haven't hurt myself consistently (as I used to) in a few years, but I can't say I'm completely clean from it....
  • I have been on Daily Strength before, back in 2012.  Now I am back again 5 years later. I just decided to come back because DS helped me SO MUCH back then, and things have just gotten worse for me in the intervening 5 year period that I felt DS could help me cope as things are getting EXTREMELY SERIOUS. I am not going to go into great detail here, as it would take a 'book' to explain everything...
  • Angel93

    Can't stop..

    The urges came, they were so strong.. my heart was beating fast as thoughts crept in and I made more slits on my skin... going higher and higher up my body.. I can't control it.. I feel as I'm back to the beginning when couldn't stop after my first cut.. I feel so isolated.. I just  can't... :'( 
  • myxomatosis

    how to cope with the urges

    hello. Trigger Warning because i go into detail. i've been self harming for a little over two years now and it all started as a form of self punishment using a needle. i got rid of the needle and removed everything that is pointy from my bedroom the morning after since i realized how terrible the things ive done were. so i've been scratching instead. no major scarring, so i never bother to stop...
  • extraterrestrialone

    TW: question for self injurers/harmers

    i have lately been having strong desires to self harm in ways i did in the past.  this began when i was recently triggered by a graphic self harm post here.  my desired self harm is cutting and piercing.  the thing is, i've developed a great fear of the pain.  i have been rejecting the act.  i try, and no, no, no!  can't do it.  that seems good, no?  and it should be such a relief.  i...
  • Helloworlhowyadoing

    Need someone.....

    My therapist thinks I have anemia but I know I don't. I looked up what the symptoms are and they said headache, stomachache, always tired, insomnia, and poor concentration. I have all of the symptoms I just said but there for a different reason. I have a headache because this voice won't stop talking. I have a stomachache because I starve myself and I don't know why. I'm always tired because I'm...
  • peacockfeather

    I can't stop

    i was clean for about a week but I just relapsed. It was bad. Like really bad I've disappointed my family even more I don't know what to do. So I'm sorry
  • Pine-apple


    TW: CuttingI didn't cut for months and I was doing okay, but my grandpa was injured really badly lately and I know he won't make it. Since I found out, I've started cutting myself again. Its only gotten worse and with the school year about to start, I dont know how to handle everything
  • extraterrestrialone

    TW: about being triggered

    sometimes people post about their self harm in graphic detail without a trigger warning (TW).  and what happens to me is i feel envy.  i wish i could have done to myself what they did to themselves.  i don't actually want to do it.  they probably don't want to do either and they probably don't realize that they are making me want to do it. but they carelessly post without a "TW" and as a...
  • Angel93

    Friend has made their permenat stay..

    It's come back again... old friend has struck even stronger.. It's so bad than was before.. I made more cuts on my thighs.. i wanted to do so much more on my arms but I knew if I did people would see them.. so I filled my legs with more till I couldn't fit anymore... it's getting harder and harder to put it down and push it away.. I feel so trapped in a whirld wind of emotions surrounding me and...
  • KTs

    TW: It Stopped Being Enough

    Hey guys, I know there are a lot of reasons why self harm can temporarily help. For me it was the endorphin rush and something about the assurancing that no matter what, my blood was still pumping through me and was a consistence part of me. It always flowed the same and always looked the same. I had a bad day yesterday and slipped up with cutting but I didn't feel any better. I know it's an...
  • Angela-Boyle

    Panic attack and want to cut

    My anxiety has been so bad lately. My depression is much better than 2 weeks ago when i was suicidal but i keep wanting to cut. I had a bad panic attack yesterday because of a transaction i did with a person at php. I sold her one of my old ecigs because she wanted to quit smoking and that ecig was only 3 months old. I gave her all the parts and showed her how to use it. Then 3 days later she...
  • dash

    in the wrong spot?

    it seems like everyone here self harms by cutting. I don't cut. am I in the wrong place?without details of what you do can you say how you self harm?
  • Angel93

    Habits never go away..

    Ive been cutting for 4 years.. I remember when I finally broke down and on the edge of despair and I made my first cut.. i did it on my at wrist.. I could feel the numbness that it took and how it put away the pain.. that first cut turned into 2 and that become more and more as it got addictive.. I couldn't stop, I still can't stop.. the urges come when I least expect it and just hit me.. the...
  • KTs

    Any hope or happiness out there?

    Hey friends, I'm having a really bad day today. Does anyone have any thing happy or positive to share? The world feels awfully dark today...