Self-Injury Support Group

Whether you or someone you know or love struggles with self-injury, this is the community to discuss your experience, find support, meet others going through the same, and get advice on how to stop. Working together, we can help find alternative coping skills to reduce the urge to self-harm.

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  • ssgirls14

    To late

    Some times when I realize I want to Hurt myself it is to late I am already done it I just want some help
  • NullFantasma

    I am damaged.

    So basically, I started self-harming over a year ago in places that wouldn't be.. Obvious. You couldn't find them unless you were actually looking. Although back in March, one of my peers suspected and reported that I was self-harming, and I barely got off by the skin of my teeth. I guess you can say that I've becomed acustomed to lying to people.I don't want to be defined by my nasty habits and...
  • ty.remp

    Trying to stop

    I'm proud to say that I am a week clean from cutting and I am hoping to keep it going :)
  • blissful_lonliness

    Too deep?

    i recently cut again and it was deeper than normal. I'm just looking for advice cause I'm trying to stop and I don't want to cut too deep. It was a small cut and it wasn't gaping open but I could see a layer of white before it bled. Does anyon e know what this is? I'm trying to stop and I'm scared.
  • blissful_lonliness

    Looking for self harm support

    I have been self harming on and off for about a year now. It's been for many reasons such as my parents divorcing, my uncle suiciding, and generally no one being there for me. I have bad social skills and don't make close friends often. I became friends with a girl who also self harmed. Each day when I came to school I would be triggered cause she would talk about how she had cut and would show...
  • LostNbroken

    Mom of a cutter

    I found this support group searching for help for me to help and understand the reason for my daughter's cutting. A little back daughter started cutting after a suicide attempt in April 2017, she was being heavily bullied at school but we had no idea. She never said anything and we didn't notice a change in her behaviour. She has always been a quiet child who enjoyed being alone. We...
  • TDlove13

    Cutter for life??

    Okay, so I'm 13. I have been cutting for a year now, due to my depression, social anxiety disorder, PTSD, and panic attacks. I am so upset and I don't know if I can go on with life. I know I don't wanna keep doing this. I just don't know what to do
  • nicholasch56


    Well three days ago I lost my soulmate. She told me she wasn’t happy and she had a crush on someone else. Since then I’ve been.. cutting up my arms and hiding it from my parents. 
  • McKenzielove

    Alone and misunderstood

    No knows what I do in my room at night, no one sees the problem I have, I’ve been cutting myself for years but not where anyone will see it in between my thighs, on my thighs, my stomach, my hips. I’m 17 and I’m sick I’ve been in therapy all my life, on tons of different medications but nothing helps numb my brain like cutting does. I’m alone and misunderstood because no one knows I do...
  • lightriso

    My parents found out. But it's ok.

    I was sick for the past few days. My mom was taking care of me and she rolled up my hoodie sleeve and saw my scars. She questioned them and I didn't reply. Then she told me she is not mad, she just wants me to be happy. She took away my razors and told my dad. Both my parents reacted very calm about it, I'm so grateful and blessed to have parents like this. They don't want me to be stressed....
  • Messa1031

    2 year relapse

    I have not cut for two years untill today their are so many factors I have Dipresion anxiety adhd and my BF has gone to boot camp also I got cut off from my heath care plan so yeah
  • noelle513

    I'm scared

    I haven't cut in a little over two weeks which is the longest I haven't cut in almost 6 months which is good, but I keep having these reoccurring suicidal thoughts randomly and it's just me holding a gun to my head every time and I don't know why but I always unconsciously think about it and it scares me and I'm not sure what to do about it.
  • dem000

    Tweezing for pain

    Hi everyone. I haven't been on Dailystrength in about 5+ years. I am tweezing my leg hairs because I enjoy the pain of it. I'm thinking of suiucide everyday. Does anyone have any suggestions? 
  • NightSkye7

    9 years without, struggling to keep it going

    I really need some help. I haven't cut since I was 16, but I am really struggling tonight. This is one of the worst nights I have had in years. I am struggling with the urge to cut, to the point I am afraid to leave my bed in case I see something I could use to self injure. Life has been hard lately, psych issues have been made worse than usual, and tonight I fould I was betrayed by two people I...
  • Sam_Dances

    I can't live without it

    I want it every day I need it just to survive. Without it, I just want to die. I have been doing this for 4 years but I have never been this bad before, I really don't know what to do at this point, I'm thinking about inpatient but I don't know if it will help