Self-Injury Support Group

Whether you or someone you know or love struggles with self-injury, this is the community to discuss your experience, find support, meet others going through the same, and get advice on how to stop. Working together, we can help find alternative coping skills to reduce the urge to self-harm.

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  • Justitia

    Healing Scars *TW*

    Hello! I recently cut a phrase into myself that I don't really want to last forever. I have been putting neosporin on it, and I bought mederma. I was wondering how soon I could use the mederma, and also wondering if you guys have had any success with it. Or, is there anything else you guys have used? Thanks! :) 
  • Evie123

    Not sure why...

    I don't know why but I've been having urges to burn myself. I take something metal and hold it over a fire then hold it onto my skin. It doesn't make any sense. Also I want to pull at my nails until they bleed, and pull my hair or scratch my scalp with something sharp. I don't really know if that counts, or why I started doing it. Any thoughts/advice?
  • NinaM

    I need help

    Hey. I just joined this group and I just hope that someone can help me. I'm 16 years old and I've been cutting myself since I was 12. Everytime I say it's the last time and I never keep my promise. I've been proud of myself because I haven't cut for a month but today something happened and I did it again. I am suffering from depression and i don't think I want to stop cutting but I feel like I...
  • Misssfit

    Looking for someone who will understand...

    Dear Anyone,I met a guy on here when I was 17, I am now 21, he helped me through so much, and he was a self harmer like me. We dont talk anymore, but now I feel like I dont have anyone close to me that I can talk to about this sort of thing because no one will understand, or they look at you with pity or disgust.. I just want someone my age that I can talk to who will understand what I am going...
  • remmus102

    Sharp as nails

    Hey, I'm new and I need help. Instead of using a razor I use my fingernails to slice my skin. I don't know what's wrong with me. I can't be happy because if I'm not sad, I'm mad, and if I'm not that, I'm numb. Just looking for some support from others who have gone through the same thing
  • ceridwan

    I'm new

    Hello I'm new here and I'm just hoping this site can help me but I'm not holding much hope because it seems no matter how long I stay clean I always come back to the razor anyway I'm ceridwan and I'm 14 nearly fifteen I have been cutting for about 3 years and I have finally decided that I need help I've been cutting because it helps me feel as if I have a little stability in my life. My family...
  • Angel93

    Old friend..

    My "old friend" came out tonight after being away for so long and made it's mark on my skin... they made so many marks and I wanted them to keep going.. I don't feel satisfied.. I want them to do more and more... I want them to cover up everything... I want to feel numb again and have the pain be put away.. I want them to take it away.. I feel so empty and trapped inside this cage... it has a...
  • noelle513

    Please help

    I feel like if I dont cut for a few days then I'll just get better and I know that's not true but it's how I feel and I feel like I'm putting too much of hurting myself into my self-worth and I know that I'm addicted again and I know I should fight it but I really want to cut and I think about it and I think about dying almost all the time and I just don't know what to do, please help.
  • thechloeproject

    I just can't stay clean

    I just really want to cut, i find it so comforting but i can't because i am going with my dad tomorrow. I just feel super suicidal and gross.
  • crazyhorsefreak102

    Struggling so much

    hi I'm new to this support group- just joined since I thought it'd help.   I am also struggling with self harming.   Been really wanting to cut myself.   I enjoy the relief that it gives me.  For once in my life I get to forget about my struggles when I cut.  I realize it's not the healthiest thing to do.   I did start talking to a counsellor- had my 3rd session on Friday.  Seeing them...
  • noelle513

    What Do I Do

    I've been hurting myself for almost two years and at first it wasn't bad I'd just take something sharp and poke my leg but then as my depression got worse I would hurt myself more and then it wouldn't be as bad and then it'd be bad again and recently it's been really bad and I cut almost everyday and I think about it all the time and I think I'm getting addicted again but I can't just throw away...
  • laur2424


    Last summer I first started to self-harm  and it got bad in September and even worse in April. A few people knew but didn't care or do anything about it. I cover it up with bandaids and people will ask what happened since I have a bandaid but I lie because I don't want my parents to know. I have been free from doing it for almost 3 months but still notice it everyday. I am struggling more than...
  • basil93

    No tools

    I can't take away tools from myself because I've started just hitting myself physically with fists (or whatever portable dense object is nearest), sometimes to the point of week-or-more bruising. I also sometimes feel like there's no other option for me because there doesn't seem to be any other expression that will get out the negative energy I have in me that causes me to lash out on my body. I...
  • Imtoonumb

    I can't hold on much longer.

    Well I don't want to talk about why, but I've been cutting for god knows how long. (somewhere between 1 and 3.5 monthes). I tried burning once, but I was worried my parents would hear the sizzling. Long story short I haven't cut in over three days because I lost my razor even though it was in a super good hiding spot I don't know where it went (Im stupid, don't hate) and since I haven't cut or...
  • browneyes03

    I feel like I need to self harm

    hi, this is my first time on here but right now I am really needing some help. So I was released from a recovery center two weeks ago and I have been doing pretty good so far until now. I felt like I needed to self harm last night and I still do. I want to but then I stress it about doing it and then I do it and then feel even more anxious about someone finding out. And since it's summer, there...