Self-Injury Support Group

Whether you or someone you know or love struggles with self-injury, this is the community to discuss your experience, find support, meet others going through the same, and get advice on how to stop. Working together, we can help find alternative coping skills to reduce the urge to self-harm.

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  • so_not_alice

    i messed up again

    i was a year and 2 months clean as of this morning but as of 10 am i threw all that hard work down the drain. the urges got too bad for me and i was in school so i didnt have all of my normal methods to help subdue the urges. I feel so guilty and now the urges are even worse than before. i have no one to confine in and i really just wish i had someone to talk to.
  • dontknowrae

    some good news ?

    i woke up around 3am this morning a panicky, crying mess & i called my boyfriend & he ended up telling me terrible news that made the whole situation worse. i'm over a month clean at this point, so i'm proud of myself for that, but this morning i was honestly considering relapsing because i felt utterly awful & hopeless & i didn't know what to do. however, after a few hours of talking & crying &...
  • Angel93

    Something wrong with me..

    Tonight I did it again... I added more cuts to my arms are covered... there's almost no more room on them... I feel something is wrong with me.. I'm on an anti-depressant called Escitalopram and I've been on it for about almost three weeks now and I feely mood as just drastically been going down hill.. at first I thought it was working but apparently I was wrong... all these past couple...
  • suicidebeautyqueen

    Back to it *trigger*

    hello I'm new here. I've been self injuring since I was 12, so 15years. I was able to stop for a couple years & now it's back to everyday. Everything seems to be crashing around me. I just don't know what to do anymore. All I think about doing is cutting. My husband doesn't understand it & just wishes I wouldn't do it. I'm unsure where to turn. I thought once I went a couple years without I'd be...
  • Misssfit

    Back in that place.

    Imade it to 6 months and two days clean from cutting. Then I relapsed bad. It's been about two weeks now. It's constantly on my mind, and I bought my old favorite double edged stainless steel. I can't breathe and I feel like I'm drowning, not knowning which way is up.
  • JM0325


    So, I ended up self harming the other night and I just keep making it deeper but now I'm really worried I need stitches. It's been almost 24 hrs since I last opened and cut the wound and it's still bleeding; but I read that after 24 hrs it's pointless to go and try to get stitches. But the catch is, I still live at home so I don't see myself going to the ER to get stitches. Plus, that's also A...
  • caites13


     ive been getting more and more urges to cut. And acting on some of these urges. I had been cut free for years but this last year has been tough. I'm doing the therapy, I'm on the pills(I'm bipolar with dysthymia and anxiety)and things are getting better as in my good days are better. But I still get these bad days. And I can't resist the urge. I need control. All my old self destructive habits...
  • saddreamer126


    i remember I used to harm myself so so much. I felt proud of it, I'd even told my coworker. I made a joke about it once asking if he wanted to see it because I was just so fucking depressed. I'm in a tornado that doesn't slow down 
  • Angel93

    Gave in..

    Today I gave in to the temptations.. the urges, and the feelings.. I cut more than I have ever have.. I put cuts both on my thighs and on both my wrists.. I did so many.. but I felt better, I felt the pain numb away.. it's always the same.. it never goes away.. it always comes back with more force and temptations.. it devours you and controls your hands.. it leads you away and traps you.....
  • I have not cut in two years. I have so much emotional pain and a history of it that I just want to cut. I want to hurt myself so badly, but I am fighting not to. The same old desire is back. I'm doing everything possible not to act on it. I will not be seeing my therapist till Wednesday. I do not know if I can hold on that long. I pray for God's grace!
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  • darebearsworld

    Underneith My Sleeves

    I met with an old friend from elementary school a while back. It had been years since we had seen eachother or even talked. When I first met him at this coffee shop type place, I wore a jacket. Considering the last time I saw him my arms were clean and clear. Anyway, we kept meeting eachother for a while, just to catch up. He knew I went into foster care and what not and that I was out now and...

    Christian and Self Harm

    I am a believer in Jesus. I do struggle with deep internal feeling of hurt from past abuse. I cut myself with glass to deal with pain and hurt. I pray to God and tell all my feelings but sometimes it is hard to say a word. I do not know what to say to God. It all jungle up inside of me. Please pray for me if anyone is a believer. Thank you in advance 
  • scaredgirl08

    TW I am not stopping

    Today I saw my doc and she's known I cut for my whole life pretty much but today for some reason she asked to see them... I didn't do it.. I didn't show her bc I couldn't understand the significance as to why she needed to see them... I can't stop cutting and honestly I didn't tell her the real frequency of how often I do it now despite her asking I lied... I don't know what it is about cutting...
  • I used to cut and self harm. I haven't done it in a long time but lately the urges and need to cut have been so overwhelming that I don't know what to do. I listen to music to try to help take my mind off it but it is there everyday and it's getting harder not to give in. Just to feel that release and watch the blood run. My gf does her best to talk me through those times but I'm not sure how...