Self-Injury Support Group

Whether you or someone you know or love struggles with self-injury, this is the community to discuss your experience, find support, meet others going through the same, and get advice on how to stop. Working together, we can help find alternative coping skills to reduce the urge to self-harm.

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  • Titanic5


    Just need someone to talk to. Not doing well!
  • clarissa

    telling the truth

    i'm trying to look for help with a psychiatrist, i'm sure i'm going to tell him/her what im going through but i don't know how to tell them i self harm, is not a easy topic. can someone give me an advice on how to tell all about it
  • Anxiety triggers a lot if strange actions, like I bite on my fingers so I pull off skin and make them bleed. I scratch my arms until they bleed without realising I'm doing so and It all is down to my anxiety and depression. Yet if I don't know I'm doing it, how can I stop it...?
  • Razor91

    Battle in my mind...

    So, I've been cut free for a while now, probably about a month or two, I did something today that I know I shouldn't have which was buying self harm items, the urge to cut right now isn't that intense but the emotional pain I'm feeling right now is, I just want it to go away quickly. I know I should throw the sh items out but I can't bring myself to do it. I just feel so depressed.
  • erinpalm

    Im worried

    Today was my last day of treatment for my eating disorder. They were also treating my self harm too though. I feel like when I have gone a period without self harming I have always done it for someone else, never for myself. My urges seem to always be there, they never seem to go away. I am really struggline with motivation. Self harming makes me feel special, different, and unique. I want to be...
  • I have been cutting since 2013, since that day I have never stopped, now I realized I want to but is kind of difficult. for a moment I realize the blade is my friend, is the only one that change my mind for a while I will like if that could last forever. I do not stop because is the only way I can feel better I don´t know what to really do....
  • Troubled1


    hey y'all. New on this so bear with me. I have a tendency to get really out of control angry when I have a heated discussion with my wife. I openly admit that I have anger issues. 20 min ago I put my fist through the wall in one of our rooms. I have a history of either punching myself in the face or walls or doors. I have even gone as far as to causing a boxers fracture because I put my fist...
  • there is alot going on right now. im about to lose my housing on wedsnday and it terfies me but i have been homeless before i just dont know if i can stay clean and sober and somewhat stable mentally. i just want something to take my mind off everything for just a little while. i am so down right now that even though i just got out of the hospital monday i am scaried i might need to go back in.
  • RizzoTheRat

    too much support

    Hi guys. Just a quick intro: I am 33 diagnosed with Bipolar II, ADHD, GAD. I have been cutting off and on since I was about 15. Well, on Wednesday when I went to see my therapist, I was in a pretty dark place. I wanted to cut so bad I could taste it. I agreed to see the crisis management team and we came up with a plan they felt would keep me safe. I say "they felt" because I knew I could be free...
  • Hi guys. I'm returning to DS after a really long stretch, and I'm hoping somebody might be able to help me.I struggle with self harming, usually it is cutting, but sometimes if the emotions are really high, I kind of go on auto-pilot (I have no awareness of what I'm doing with my hands- I'll be aware of conversation, or a movie I'm watching, but hands are out of my control) and just start...
  • GDJ1957

    2 months

    I think i have 2 mnths Sh free. I still want to a lot. But I work with my therapist and have a doule diagnois AA group I go to that I can talk about things some times.
  • Loveland84

    New to group

    Trying not to cut. Really need someone to talk to. Even though I'm not worth the trouble
  • Razor91


    Omg I just messed up, I can't believe I gave in and not only disrupted his life but my own too, really want to cut so badly, I'm such an idiot!
  • Alevison

    Last night..

    ...was the 3rd time I caused major injury to myself after an altercation with my partner. I met my partner in 2011.My mother was murdered in 2013. Sometimes i feel empty. I am a medical marijuana patient. My partner and I have 2 children from previous relationship. I have only had urges during alercation wit my partner. What should I do?
  • Razor91

    Cutting vs drinking

    I was wondering what you do when you feel an intense sadness, I don't know how to cope with something right now and I have nothing to harm myself with, so I've gone with binge drinking.