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Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, inflammatory, multisystem, autoimmune disorder. It is a disabling and painful condition which can lead to substantial loss of mobility due to pain and joint destruction. The disease is also systemic in that it often also affects many extra-articular tissues throughout the body including the skin, blood vessels, heart, lungs, and muscles... The symptoms that distinguish rheumatoid arthritis from other forms of arthritis are inflammation and soft-tissue swelling of many joints at the same time (polyarthritis). The joints are usually affected initially asymmetrically and then in a symmetrical fashion as the disease progresses. The pain generally improves with use of the affected joints, and there is...

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  • nonightshades2

    Hmmm, flop?

    I'm beating a dying horse, I know. My guess is that the "masters" of this forum/site did not take into consideration that the magority of the users are older, don't like change, don't adjust to change and coupled with RA really don't like any undue stress like remembering passwords, changing them chasing down old ones to participate. I think general usage made my question rhetorical.Have I hit...
  • RAwife


    My husband has RA and I realize that it's not about me, but are there any other spouses that have any info on how to live with RA if you aren't the one that has it? I love my hubby with all my heart, but I get so frustrated. I am the only one working, we just filed for bankruptcy, and he acts like it's no big deal. UGH!
  • WarriorGal


    Yesterday I had my fourth Orencia infusion since going off in May. I woke up this morning feeling better than I have in a long time. I didn't run immediately to my prednisone. In fact I have awake now for 3 hours and still don't feel any NEED for it! I will take a small amt so I don't wean too suddenly...but...I am feeling very hopeful!! I'd cross my fingers if I could!!
  • happychat


    I feel better than I usually do not sure if this is remission or not. They dx. me with OA, fibro, cervical spondylitis, and of course RA. I am unsure if that is just routine in the rheumatologist setting or not. I still have a little bit of stiffness and pain but no where near what it has been. I take methotrexate 20mg wkly, still on prednisone attempting to wean myself off although not sure if...
  • Just posted that I notics these symptoms and did a quick Google search - found this... OH JOY (NOT!):"Rheumatoid cachexia refers to the loss of mass and strength in the muscles due to rheumatoid arthritis (RA). It’s often called “muscle wasting.” About two thirds of patients with RA suffer from this complication. Muscle wasting adds to the tired, achy feeling that RA patients...
  • oceans11

    Who's still here?

    I'm curious on how many people have left this site since it's change. I don't see as many posts & or as many updates. I still check in from time to time but I'm having a hard time getting used to it's look & format & this is coming from someone who is very comfortable with tech, internet, computers etc.
  • rackerby

    Biologic with MTX

    I've been basically symptom-free on Orencia and methotrexate for about 9 months. But a few months ago my rheumatologist asked me to try to reduce the frequency of the Orencia shots from 7 days to every 10 or 14 days "…to reduce the cancer risk". I tried going to every 10 days but after two weeks had a return of some RA symptoms so he told be to go back to once a week. I did and was again,...
  • Tomorrow I take my FOURTH Orencia infusion (since restarting after my 3 mos off).I have weaned down to 2.5mg/day prednisone with 50mg/day nucynta (at night). Today is my third day on that dosage. I currently have no severe joint pain...just muscle aches when i wake up in my shoulders...and some knee aches when I stand from sitting. Both LIVEABLE! Both VERY different from what i felt at the start...
  • dd25

    Been a while.....

    I guess it's been some time since I visited this board. Everything seems to have changed. I had to create a new acct....I was "dd24" now I'm dd25.I was diagnosed with RA almost 3 years ago. I'm on Prednisone, Plaquenil and Methotrexate. I got a wild hair and decided to take myself off Prednisone since the other two meds are now working fairly well. Just can't do it. I was good for a about...
  • stephisme

    Saw new rheumatologist

    Hello everyone, I wanted to provide an update. I made a few posts about really bad experiences at a rheumatology office. Well, I finally took everyones advice and saw a new doctor! I saw a younger doctor associated with a well known hospital. The appointment went great! She was SO much nicer than the previous doctors. She confirmed the severe RA and thinks I probably also have Lupus. I tend to be...
  • PW39

    I started Humira last week.

    Well, it's been a long time coming but I finally started my first biologic last week. My insurance decide it would be Humira. I'm kinda glad since the injections are every other week instead of every week. I injected my first shot on the 15th of this month in my rheumys office under the supervision of a nurse. I have to say it wasn't bad at all. It didn't hurt near what I expected and left no...
  • happychat

    Another silly question

    Is there a certain time people get on here together and chat? Just wondering
  • What's the worst part for you? Is it the pain, stiffness, both, explaining to friends, fatigue etc.?I know for me at least at this moment, it's the "unknown"? From day to day I don't know how I'm going to feel. Let me start off by saying I know my situation & my history with this disease actually not bad at all (so far). I'm only 3 years into it & as I've mentioned before with the guidance & okay...
  • Krobbs

    Family Support?

    I am new to all this but I am wondering how some of you were able to get your family to understand the symptoms of RA and how they effect you every day. I am lucky that my RA only affects my hands, hope it stays that way, but recently my knees have been starting to hurt. I find my self exhausted all the time and am getting enough sleep or that's what my Fitbit says. Any advice on getting family...
  • I'm here, I'm not entirely sure why, but it would be cool to make something better happen. I encourage everybody who comes here to join the Daily Strength members group, because I think that's the best place to find news about what's happening, or what you would like to see happen. PM (unless it's fixed, you may have to send a friend request) me if you want a spokesperson or help in...