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Nystagmus is rapid involuntary rhythmic eye movement, with the eyes moving quickly in one direction (quick phase), and then slowly in the other (slow phase). Nystagmus is a relatively common clinical condition, affecting one in every 5,000 to 10,000 individuals. Nystagmus generally causes a degree of vision impairment, although the severity of such impairment varies widely.

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  • OddDoll

    Teaching My Son To Drive

    Hello All,My son is 17 and has had nystagmus all his life. He has a good null point that is just to the right of center, so most people don't even notice it. His vision is correctible to 20/25, so that is good, too. He got his permit, and the eye doctor sees no problem with his driving. I am teaching him and his twin sister at the same time, and noticing problems he has that his sister doesn't.I...
  • richy123

    Nystagmus Research

    Hey guys, my little brother has nystagmus and I am currently doing a project on 'wearing intelligence' (smart fabrics) and was wondering what problems you faced in your daily lives? I have seen stuff about balance and lighting etc, but is there anything specific with these factors? Can be at work or doing activities? Literally anything! Any research you can help with will be much appreciated and...
  • Bornloser

    40 year nightmare

    40 years with a severe congenital nystagmus and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, death can't come any sooner, it's got to be the loneliest existance ever, a life with no friends, no buddies to have your back and endless jokes and ridiculeAll the optimists can say there's always a brighter tomorrow- that's one thing I'll never have
  • TomYork


    Hi,Do you vaccinate your baby born with nystagmus? Is it safe?Tom
  • mortax10

    I might need some help

    Hi my name is Matthew and I am 43 years young and live in Australia Guess I am just trying to figure out what types of Nystagmus there are are what type i have. I don't Suffer with this, it's annoying but that's about it. I have found that my balance is effected by Nystagmus which I hate. sometimes my balance can get so bad I fall over.
  • ShanJon

    Newbie/ mother of son w Nystagmus

    My son is 6yrs old and has nystagmus.  On Monday he had surgery to correct the null point position (chin down).  Has anyone had this before?  
  • Solodolo


    Hello I've been trying to get my driver's license for some time now and I was wondering what are some of the things you all have done to get licenses
  • Jared80

    Hi everyone

    My name is jared and Im 36 years old with congenital nystagmus. Up until a few years ago I was under the assumption my vision problem was diabetes related as explained to me by our small town eye doctor. Imagine my shock to learn this is not the case and glad to see there is a group of others with the same disease. My vision over the past year or so has gotten really worse. Light is really...
  • ellen.olivia

    hello, new here

    I've been looking for a support group like this forever. My name is Ellen, I'm 18 and I was born with vertical nystagmus.My nystagmus can last 4 hours or 5 minutes.
  • Stephanino

    Nystagmus and Driving

    I am 19 and I have nystagmus. I have not gotten my drivers license yet. I am very nervous about getting it because I am afraid I can't focus on everything and everyone around me at the same time. Is there any advice anyone can give me or any stories about someone with nystagmus and driving. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!
  • Hey, im Paul 17 and after some years of trying my eye test at the optician, idid it. Im so happy about it and i want to say to everybody with Nystagmus and other eye diseases that you have to fight for it. Of course , if your eyes are very bad and far away from the standards, you have to see that you will have many problems and that ill be very dangerous for you and the others, if you drive a...
  • Stephanino

    Update!!! Nystagmus and Driving

    Hey guys,I had previously written a topic on Nystagmus and Driving about 5 years ago and updated it about a year ago in a reply on my Topic. I now have another update. I previously had gone to the doctor at the age of 21 and was told by the really rude Optometrist that I'd never drive and gave me a thumbs up when he asked if I had someone to drive me because that is what I'd be doing for the rest...
  • kmo1kj

    New to this Support Group

    Hi everyone! My name is Karen, and I have Congenital Nystagmus. I am in my early 40s, and will be visiting my eye doctor tomorrow, as my vision has been going downhill the past few months. I previously had reading glasses, which I can no longer see out of. I was online looking to see if contact lenses were an option for me when I came across this website. I have never searched for a support group...
  • momstagmus

    New to Group

    Hi everyone, My 8 month old Son has Nystagmus. I am very new to this condition and a I am trying to learn as much as possible. I was wondering if anyone has tried acupuncture or acupressure to treat their Nystagmus? Any luck?Also, my pediatric optomologist keeps reassuring me that most likely my Son will out grow his Nystagmus and there is no treatment.. does anyone in the N. Cal area know of...
  • Karen-Hughes-Hanscom

    optic nueritis and nystagmus

    hi in 2008 this optic nueritis and nystagmus .happend been thru tests been told ms maybe then dr say they don't know...hate being in the dark..