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Dissociative identity disorder is a diagnosis described as the existence in an individual of two or more distinct identities or personalities, each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. At least two of these personalities are considered to routinely take control of the individual's behavior, and there is also some associated memory loss, which is beyond normal forgetfulness. This memory loss is often referred to as "losing time". These symptoms must occur independently of substance abuse or a general medical condition. Dissociative identity disorder was initially named multiple personality disorder, and, as referenced above, that name remains in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and...

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  • Familyof4

    Dont know what to do

    Hey guys, i dont know what to do. I am not the 'original',  i am the protector and i have been in control for about a year and a half. I now feel like im being kicked out, i dont know how to explain it. I just feel like im not needed anymore so im going to be put away until i come in use. I want to be in control. If anyone else is in control, the life i've created will go further down hill. I...
  • I have been holding back sharing this because I didn't know what kind of response I would get. Believe me, I am just as desperate and sad as a lot of you. I don't have it, but I love someone that does.My mother has a very successful psychiatry practice and she has worked my entire life. She has an office right above one of our lofts, and she sometimes sees patients there. I was always raised by...
  • Darkprince

    New with new Alters

    Hello. Im new with new Alters coming out currently and Dealing with recovering my Memories and my Past currently so its been a difficult Time for our System. We just need to be around other People who Understand being Woke up by so many Voices Talking its like a Radio being switched on, or not recognizing your own Underwear drawer/Closet contents... Losing Time and Seeing someone new Signing...
  • Reason

    Unwanted integration

    I know that this is a controversial topic for people with the disorder, but I have no where else to post this to, and no one in my life I'd like knowing, so please have mercy. I have known my boyfriend has DID or MPD, which ever you call it, for over two years. He started with five personalities, with ages ranging from 8 to 31, but recently our lives had a big upheavel and it was discovered that...
  • This is my first post. I have made an account my parents cannot track me on so I can find answers. They do not know I have it.Where do I begin. When my body was about 3 the first personality was formed. It stayed in control until the age of 15 when without knowing it, lost control of the body and I became the main personality. I have no idea how I formed. I have access to every memory of his and...
  • indistinct

    Who Do I Believe?

    I'm middle-aged, and only this year recognized that I've had DID my whole life. My psychiatrist and therapist are both working with me now, but I've been given advice that seems strange and possibly wrong. Wanted to run it by everyone here and see what you think...The recognition of DID came with an especially bad episode of major depression with a string of triggering events I hadn't tried to...
  • armsla2

    New here, not new to DID

    Hi fellow superheroes!Ive not been part of an online forum before. I decided that it's probably time to start. In truth, my therapist recommend I try. Ive been aware that I'm part of a system of broken personalities for the last 13 years. In hindsight, I know I've had this since I was 5. I had a "psychotic break" 13 years ago and was fortunate enough to have the money for speciality treatment...
  • FickleFairy

    sorry to the world

    Sorry if iv'e been a biatch lately. i have been really stressed out with life. anyway, i didn't mean to offend anyone. there's only one person i don't like and i blocked him but the rest of you are cool.anyway, this group is so dead. i guess i have to go where the annoying crazy people are, as opposed to the interesting crazy people, like myself.
  • FickleFairy


       Discuss and add to this piece i just wrote!The patterns of talking to introjects, but i just call them devils or demons.If you think someone has a demon inside of them, ask them to sing, they most likely wont be able to do it, or will be tone deaf and sound horrible.When you are talking and reasoning with a devil, they won't hear what you are saying. When you ask them to repeat what you just...
  • aliceunchained87

    New - Seeking Resources?

    Hi, everybody. I am new to this board and I hope my post doesn't offend anyone. I do not have DID, but I have a parent who does. This has been a source of conflict in our relationship because they refuse to seek treatment, and they are both an alcoholic and a drug addict (depending on which alter they are though sometimes it's both). I have always just "dealt with it" which included my...
  • XAL-HL

    Howdy, Dis-Co Citizens!

    Just a quick hello, my name is Xal-Hl, pronounced just like Superman's birth name "Kal-El" but spelled via Ancient Greek. The only superpower he and I have in common is Super Strength, his physical, mine Emotional / Constitutionally. I'm new here, and I have a pretty unique view of my mechanism and its structure, so I don't know if you'll all like me very much or not, but I need all the support I...
  • Preciousbabygirl

    Just to say HI!!

    Today I'm me but most of the time when I come in here it's one of my Littles that has something to say. I have 7 little girls. They are 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 13, 17.  I don't know much about any of them but apparently they've all been pulled out and questioned except the 17 year old. My therapist is going to try and pull her out in the morning. I wish her luck. I wouldn't even mess with it if I were...
  • starfish

    A little disillusioned

    I am coming by here today and am experiencing something I haven't before.  At least, not so distinctly..  The replies I have made on previous posts a while back, I completely do not remember writing.  Once I have re-read them, I kind of vaguely remember them, but it is certainly not me who wrote them.  I'm sorry.  They sound rather rude and a wee bit too straight-forward for my usual...
  • mega54


          I am here. There are a few new posts. If I click on old posts, the computer takes me to the profile of the person who wrote the postand even says that they are my friend, but they are not on my friends list. I think they have not "re-joined" DS. It makes me feel sad.      As multiples, we must choose when and where we reveal ourselves because others do not understand. I very much...
  • mannequin

    other support groups

    are there any other decent non ds support groups out there?