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Dissociative identity disorder is a diagnosis described as the existence in an individual of two or more distinct identities or personalities, each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. At least two of these personalities are considered to routinely take control of the individual's behavior, and there is also some associated memory loss, which is beyond normal forgetfulness. This memory loss is often referred to as "losing time". These symptoms must occur independently of substance abuse or a general medical condition. Dissociative identity disorder was initially named multiple personality disorder, and, as referenced above, that name remains in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and...

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  • SapphireRubyAmethyst

    New here and nervous

    It's difficult for me to find anyone who wants to listen or can even understand my "sides"-?I'm still kinda new to it and am a little lost,can't focus on one thing for too long or i focus on only one thing for too showers are weird cause i sit in it andlose track of's hard for me to tell my other sides apart from the main three i use.I'm stuggling with that and names for...
  • Fragmentsofjohnny

    Not sure

    My wife knowingly slept with one of my alters. she says she loves all of us and considers herself married to all of "us" but im not sure how i feel about it. we are letting one of the alters spend time with a boyfriend today and I'm nervous about that too. my wife says all the alters deserve to be happy. im just the current host but i can't help being somewhat possessive of "our" wife. not sure...
  • Abuseetillabuser

    Im a horrible person

    One of my personalities is a very evil person. He is constantly doing something illegal, he has done things only a truly evil person would do, i hate him and im worried hes getting stronger and i wont be able to control him much longer, i need serious mental help but know will help me, im afraid that soon ill need to end him and his thoughts before he acts again, meaning that ill need to end me
  • Fragmentsofjohnny

    New here

    Been diagnosed for a few years now. my psych referred me to ds and i gotta say its been helpful. just knowing im not alone in all this just helps so much. thank you all for sharing so much.  
  • Fragmentsofjohnny

    Some kind of peace

    My alters and my wife are getting along well. she orchestrated some boundaries and negotiated with my alters. they had many demands but she had all our best intetests in mind and got a great solution.
  • indiamanda

    Hostile and suicidal alter

    Glad I found this forum, though english isn't my first language this has already been helpful. I have DID, ( 3 anp and at least 5ep ) I am a lesbian but one of my other personalities , she is a strong one who was in control for 14 years, is very religious and heterosexual. I was taught as a child that homosexuals are bad and sick pervert people who won't inherit the kingdom of god. Yay. My...
  • Fragmentsofjohnny


    Been scared for so long. one of my alters- who is female last year came out and took control. made me take transgender medication and dress feminine .  she wants out again but will stay behaved if i let her be with her boyfriend .  trouble is im married to a woman. my wife is super understanding and is ok with all this as long as it keeps me healthy but i still feel like its cheating.  any...
  • prettylitlefairy


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  • k2hsharpe

    New Littles Group

    hi everyoneDena.guffy3 has creqated a new Littles group so that your Littles can find other Littles friends and have a place they can belong.  I hope you let your Littles become members, the previous DID Littles group was a good success over the years, a place where they could share jokes and art work and likes / dislikes etc.  So thankyou Dena.uffy3.  Here's a link to it ...
  • Peanutt33

    Partner of a multiple

    Hi, Im not a multiple but my girlfriend is. She has three personalities and since we first got together shes more open about it and now they all talk to eachother, which i feel is good all in all. But what im here for is to i guess get help dealing with it all... I dont know how to help her when her alters fight and i just want to know whats the best thing i can do for her?
  • prettylitlefairy


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  • KittenAshley

    I'm new, not sure what to do...

    I was diagnosed with DID/MPD a year ago, but I still have no clue how to manage it or even deal with it. My therapist and my boyfriend are the only people that know and care, but they don't experience it like the rest of you. My core is very sad and lonley and has been through way too much in her life, I don't know how to help her.
  • LadyH


    So I've just recently come to terms with my dissociative identity disorder. I have a 5 subject notebook that we can all write in. A group convo section then a section for each one of us. Somebody told me about integration but it makes me uneasy. Would any of us lose our individuality? Would we hear eachother in our head all the time? Does anybody know how it works? Right now things are working...
  • Kcs

    Support for spouses

    I need a private support group for spouses/significant others
  • Miu

    support groups that meet regularly

    Hi, I am a spouse of a multiple. My husband has been having a really difficult time controlling his alters lately. There usually is one alter that can control everyone to keep him safe but recently this alter told me he can't control another particular alter any longer. My husband is not diagnosed but we both know for sure there are at least 4 alters. I'd like to bring him to a support group...