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Dissociative identity disorder is a diagnosis described as the existence in an individual of two or more distinct identities or personalities, each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. At least two of these personalities are considered to routinely take control of the individual's behavior, and there is also some associated memory loss, which is beyond normal forgetfulness. This memory loss is often referred to as "losing time". These symptoms must occur independently of substance abuse or a general medical condition. Dissociative identity disorder was initially named multiple personality disorder, and, as referenced above, that name remains in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and...

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  • JM0325

    Can Anybody Help Me?

    I feel so lost.. I don't know if DID is truly what I have. Here, let me give you a bit of my background! Also, this is possibly trigger warning so be aware.Growing up, I don't recall much of my childhood. There's bits and pieces but it's mainly just a blur. However, I do remember that at the age of seven I was molested and raped repeatedly. This went on for over one year. The rest of my memories...
  • BlackSheepFullbuster90

    Dress up

    Okay, So my professor gave my class a project to create a character and to become that character for an entire week.... Does anybody think that mixing The Cheshire Cat with a fairy is a good idea? I believe it is but people keep looking at me weird and telling me to go die...
  • Kcs

    Support for spouses

    I need a private support group for spouses/significant others
  • Jenna

    falling backwards

    We've been in therapy for a few yrs. now with this therapist at least,,,,we were diagnosed about 6 yrs ago. Got scared and left therapy for a while.Over the last few yrs. with this therapist I have built a trusting relationship with our therapist. I had thought that a few others had also built that trust as they were frequently talking to her and begining to work on some things. Then a few months...
  • DistruptiveMind

    What's New

    Well, I'm new here and to the world of DID. I'm 37 years old and I woke up last year. I don't know anything about the body that I am in. I don't know anyone in this house. I'm officially disconnected from everyone. I'm not able to learn because I forget. I have a wipe almost every 3 to 4 or 5 days. I'm supposedly married and have two children. I don't know if I'm the host or an alter, since I...
  • Tadba

    I'm so scared

    My wife told me that I tell her things in my sleep about my childhood. Stuff I don't remeber. She told me this has been happening for years but didn't want to upset me. I apperntly speak in a child's voice. I am remebering some things and I get a deep pain behind my eye. Like my brain doesent want me to remember. Then I started writing in a notebook and when I came back there was a reply. I don't...
  • cassichase

    Healing of the mind

    For those of you that have not been integrated I have to tell you that my mind is at peace now. There is no more chaos and confusion from all the switching. My medication is working, my therapy is working and God has been ever present throughout the whole process. This has brought me to healing and I can successfully start living again. I know that there is always a possibility to switch when my...
  • cassichase

    She is looking through my eyes

    Has anyone had a personality come out, me Nora, to deal with things, but recognize that your core is watching every move I am doing? I'm going through something that I have never experience before. It's like she is watching me function throughout the day. She is seeing the world through my eyes, like I'm the window that she cannot open. She does not make the decissions or communicate to the...
  • Amirlove

    Please help

    Hi I'm Ashanti And Me And My Girlfriend Have Been Together For 2Years And We Have Been Having Some Problems With Her Just Snapping Out At Me Calling Me All Types Of Names And I Never Understood Why Until A Couple Of Days Ago She Told Me That When She Gets Mad Its Someone Name Kris And She Can't Control Him....Honestly It Scared The He'll Out Me And I'm Trying To Understand Or Deal With It But I...
  • cassichase

    I haven't ever been out so long

    Hi I'm Cassi's alter. My name is Nancy. I've been out since wednesday. I have never been out for more than a few hours. I'm a bit concerned why she may be gone for so long. I know she has been dealing with some trauma in the past with her husband. Has anyone else been out for more that a few hours at a time? Should I be worried? 
  • Hailey264


    I need someone to talk to
  • k2hsharpe

    It's Christmas Day in my world .....

    hi everyoneit's Christmas Day in my world and i wnat to wish everybody a good safe Xmas and a New Year that treats us all gently, bringing only good thingskevin
  • prettylitlefairy


    I not been heya fo lonk tiym an nowon on te littuls grup so is jus wownt to sais hihi cuz is dowunt fink nun of mi littul frends heya nomor an is lonli sori frum krissy xxxxxxxxx
  • RaeBae

    Dating with DID

    My boyfriend of 9 months is a CSA and RA survivor and need help getting out of his emotionally abusive household.note: Two sepparate people who did the CSA* and RA**, and then the Emotional abuse by his parents.I'm Dating a cohost/protector and I'm so worried about his mental and physical health. I try to be there for him but its juts not enough...*CSA: Child Sexual Abuse**RA: Ritual Abuse
  • RaeBae

    Systems looking for friends?

    I ,myself, am not a system But my Boyfriend is, he doesn't have a account but we're both looking for friends!! please leave a way to contact you in the comments or message me!!if you have questions about us please feel free to ask!