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This community is dedicated to discussing the pros and cons of Medicare, and how best to use Medicare to improve your health. Medicare is the name given to a health insurance program administered by the United States government, covering people who are either age 65 and over, or who meet other special criteria.

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  • ItsJustMe2012

    Medicare & You 2014

    Medicare & You 2014-
  • I am conducting a study regarding the importance of Patient Experience and would greatly appreciate your answers to these short 10 questions which will shape the analysis of my study.I will be sure to post the answers when the study is completed!The link to the short 10 question survey - Many thanks!
  • Barr62

    so whats a good supplement coverage

    I have Medicare A & B $104 per mnth ...6 yrs ago i took on Freedom blue PPO ...i paid nothing per month ..that $104 covered it , i had $5 co-pays ect: and paid some out of pocket medications ect , now HighMark decides to increase their premiums for me $210 every 3 months out of pocket , but everything else stays the same ! thank you Obama ! so i guess its time to shop around again ...if...
  • alecsnana23

    Medicare vs. Walmart Insurance

    I have been on Medicare for three years and before my sign up time I received so much mail--and amazing amount. My brother turned 65 in November and is still not signed up, claims he has received nothing, and does not appear at all concerned about it because his 62 year old wife still works at Walmart and he's on her insurance. So far I have been unable to convince him of the need to get on...
  • it's usually nov 15 thru dec 31 , I believe, but I thought I saw it say it was oct thru dec 7th, somewhere. Does anyone know? thank you in advance.
  • Is anyone from Ohio? on mycare? My family member is cognitively impared and I need to get her medicaid back from mycare if possible. We were told medicare would be opted out but they just enrolled her in mycare anyway....I need to opt out AGAIN? I am in Ohio. Anyone in my shoes? Thanks much.
  • I don't understand medicare at all. I ask 5 people and get 5 different answers. I am 59 and on disability. I currently get parts A and B. What else do I need and why?

    Medicare is not all that

    It will pay for Lap band surgery and not a Dexascan ..... GrrrrrrrrrrrrIt will pay for Lap band surgery but not your teeth or eyes..... whats wrong with this picture ......... thtey want us tp be blind and not eat .....
  • deleted_user

    Medicare coverage

    Im 59 on disability, get Medicare Aand B and prescription coverage. What do I need to help pay the 20% Medicare doesnt pay. Also is anybody have advice for living on just disability income. Through divorce, business failure and bankruptcy i have no savings. I am not feeling well enough to even look for a p/t job. Any advice would sure be appreciated.Bob
  • deleted_user

    Medicare Hot Topics

    Premium costs. Most retirees don't pay a premium for Medicare Part A hospital insurance. The standard premium amount for Medicare Part B medical insurance is $104.90 per month in 2013, but retirees who earn more than $85,000 ($170,000 for couples) pay higher premiums.Other out-of-pocket expenses. Just as with private health insurance, Medicare has deductibles, copays and coinsurance. The Part B...
  • deleted_user

    Medicare & Dental

    Does medicare cover dentures?
  • I get patient assistance from drug companies to pay for my medications. So if I decline part D will I still get my assistance? And how much does part D pay for. Are there co-pays etc.?
  • Barr62


    I recieve medicare / freedpm blue Ppo can i ad my spouse on ?
  • deleted_user

    Thorough 'Welcome to Medicare' exam?

    I will have my one time only Welcome to Medicare exam and want to know what to expect for a complete exam. Getting different info from Doc office and the Mcare pamphlet. Is a blood test involved? I have 1/2 hour.
  • Regarding the 10% per year penalty for not signing upI have a question.My wife Tita was asked to sign up for Part B in February 2009.I advised her not to sign up for Part B because my Health Net Family Plan (High Option) is just as good if not better than Part B.However, I overlooked what might happen 10 years down the road.What if Tita were to somehow lose her Health Net Plan 10 years down the...