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Interstitial Cystitis (IC) is a urinary bladder disease of unknown cause characterised by pelvic and intense bladder pain, urinary frequency (as often as every 10 minutes), and pain with urination. It is not unusual for patients to experience nocturia and pain with sexual intercourse. IC is also known as painful bladder syndrome (PBS), particularly outside of the USA.

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Anal sex?

Has anyone moved from vaginal intercorse to anal? Sometimes i consider anal but i get too scared.



ok let me clarify...the reason i ask is because vaginal sex is painful because of IC and i know painful intercourse is very common in women with IC.

If you think vaginal hurt you IC me you ain't seem or felt nothing until your bowels start to flare with bladder.I am by no means a prude but stop and thing about it...anal can be very irritating to the colon and if the colon is unhappy it lets everything know about it.

I agree w/ the above. It seems like most with IC also have problems with their colon and intestines... you could be openening a whole new set of problems for yourself, be careful and if not sensitive to the topic, bring it up to your doc to see what they suggest.
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