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In vitro fertilization is one of the most common and utilized ways of treating conception problems. This support group is dedicated to those beginning their journey with IVF and needing support. Join the community and share your experiences, advice, and story with people going through similar challenges starting a family.

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  • Hello ladies,I am starting an infertility support group through RESOLVE and want it to be as amazing and helpful as possible.  I obviously know my own story, and what I think a support group should do, but I really wanted to hear from other women.What would be MOST HELPFUL to you in a live support group?  What would make you feel better?  What sort of format do you think would be most...
  • 8481

    sad need support and to vent

    Hi all, I'm a very happy upbeat person, but today I am feeling super dejected. I am 35 years old, was divorced because I was married to a man who did not want kids and was emotionally abusive. Then I met this wonderful man. I love him dearly. We got married and have been trying to start a family for about 8 months. I know it doesnt sound like long but becasue I am 35, I was tested for fertility...
  • Tricha

    IVF Failure, again. Where to go from here?

    We were so excited, looking forward to get our results on Valentine Day of all days, and we're hoping it would be our best Valentine's Day ever...but unfortunately didn't get the results we had hoped and prayed for.  This was our second time going through IVF procedures. The first time, we had 6 eggs and 5 fertilized but by the day of the transfer we only had one embryo left.  We went ahead...
  • Purdy

    Over it....

    As it is coming up to new years I need to get out all the negativity that has plagued me this year. I have had a very rough year, this is the 5th year my husband and I have tried, unsuccesfully, to have a child. Throughout the year I have had blood tests, ultra-sounds and surgery and my husband has had numerous blood and semen tests and the doctors still can't find any real reason as to why I...
  • 23sky

    IVF and acupuncture

    im new to this site and we just found out we failed our second round a few days ago on my husbands birthday. My doctor called and said he wanted to meet with us and come up with another plan. When i asked him if there was any chance i could ever get pregnant he said he wasnt sure. The devastation was too much to handle and i wasnt sure i could ever pick myself up. The financial turmoil of ivf is...
  • ShanDodd

    One line, no +

    Two days before my period is due, I take the test. I know myself that there won't be any plus sign. But at 6am this morning when it was confirmed that I am indeed without yet again for another month it again broke me, throwing me to that dark pace where I visit far to often. I had a shower but I can't remember any of it, I was off in my own little world. It would have been perfect, November due...
  • hopefulmommytobe

    excited and nervous...upcoming FET

    Hi everyone!I am new to this blog, and this is my first post. DH and I are excitedly awaiting our FET on March 3rd, which is (eeeeek) less than 2 weeks away now. It has been such a long journey to get to this point, and we have 4 little embies (PGD tested) that are awaiting implantation. My RE said she was only comfortable implanting 1 at a time due to the much higher success rate chances of the...
  • unicorns92014

    feeling hopeless

    My husband and i have been trying to concieve for over 2 years saw several fertility doctors and finally found a team that we love! we are on our second IUI cycle...waiting for bloodwork to confirm or deny our little mircale and i feel HOPELESS!!! i wait every month for my period NOT to come and without fail it comes!! and any tiny glimmer of hope goes directly out the window! i feel as if the...
  • Moerell18

    New my story

    Hello im new to this but after a year and half of trying to conceive and dealing with infertility. I have a had a ivf cycle last year and got pregnant but miscarried so now im hear trying natural again. Im having a hard time trying for a second child and right now i dont know what else to turn too. Im just looking for support with trying to keep trying. I have a 9 year old son where i didnt have...
  • ckb_rose369

    Can someone relate?

    So I've posted once before. I have a  plethora of  diagnoses keeping me from having baby. My husbands sister in law just announced her pregnancy. And it  devastated me for a couple days I'm starting to come up for the  rubble that is infertility. But now I have this thought that maybe silly. This will be the first grand child for my inlaws.. my husband and I are the older couple therefor one...
  • GiveMeJesus

    Friends, respectfully, may I get your input?

    I come to this post with the utmost respect, and the best of intentions. I will be brief.i am new to the plight of infertility. I would like to know what the opinion and feelings are of people in this life-station as it concerns adoption as another option. Not just any sort of adoption. The hypothetical situation would be that a couple suffers the plight of infertility, and they happen to find a...
  • ShanDodd

    1st Post - something I needed to do

    Hi, well this is my first post. My first attempt at reaching out to people who may be able to understand me, this is scary, but an opportunity I will grasp and hold onto. Where to start? Hmm there is just so much. Not to self: don't write massive post, summarise the situation & your thoughts & feelings. Yeah, that's impossible. This is a crazy emotional rollacoater and I want to step off, but to...
  • Ashamalee


    Hi, I'm new to the group. It was confirmed today that I had a chemical pregnancy with this 2nd FET. I figured I'd give this a try. 
  • lilie315

    Celebs and Pregnancy

    Hi, I just need to vent for 2 seconds - I feel like all these celebrities are making such a spectacle of being pregant - especially with twins and we all on here know probably about 99.9999% of it is due to IVF. I know i shouldn't care and i don't really, but i feel like it's a slap in the rest of our faces b/c we can't afford who knows how many treatments they paid for and went thru to get...
  • DC1430

    Roller Coaster of emotions

    Hi everyone. Sometimes I feel like I am on a never ending roller coaster ride of emotions. My husband and I have been trying to concieve for almost 2 years now. I just finished my 5th round of IVF. The first 4 were unsucessful. The last try we finally got a postive pregnancy test with transferring 2 embryo's for the first time. I was so excited to finally hear the words"your pregnant". I have...