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In vitro fertilization is one of the most common and utilized ways of treating conception problems. This support group is dedicated to those beginning their journey with IVF and needing support. Join the community and share your experiences, advice, and story with people going through similar challenges starting a family.

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  • lalalax88

    HSG test...nightmare!

    My HSG experience was horrible. I could not bare the pain. Maybe because my tubes are both blocked and I had no "spillage" which was a red flag. My heart hurts, I keep saying why is this all happening to me. The pain was tolerable at first then when the dye went in it was like the worst period cramps of your life until they removed everything then I could relax again. I think I tolerate pain...
  • Doremi123

    I just want to cry

    Im 29 years old, my husband is 31. We just found out a year ago that we are infertile (extremely low sperm count and motility). I have wanted to have our child since we started getting serious 7 years ago. This is so heartbreaking....everytime my period is a little late or seems a little different, i always hope a little, in spite of myself, only to be depressed when my af comes. I know,...
  • HP81

    New here

    0 name is Hilary.  I'm new here and new to message boards in general.  My husband and I met four years ago.  We quickly knew we wanted to spend a lifetime together and also knew we want to start a family.  We talked about it often and even came up with a nickname for our future child.  We started trying three months before we got married.  Next month will be one year.  We're both...
  • MiracleHope


    I'm new to any support groups ... I've been struggling with infertility since I found out I could not naturally conceive in 2008 after an exploritory surgery. Since then it's never left my mind. 10 yrs later, been divorced, re married, and 2 ivf cycles. My last one resulted in pregnancy and I was overwhelmed with joy only to miscarry shortly after. I'm 32 and watching just about all my friends...
  • hannahx

    Obsessed over becoming pregnant

    Since I met my partner, we've had a fast moving relationship. We both had difficult childhoods so grew up quickly. We've now got our own place and engaged. For the last 14 months, we've been trying to get pregnant. Kind of brushed it off when it wasn't happening, but now it feels like a stab in the heart everytime a test comes back negative. It's now been mentioned that I may have pcos, which...
  • Fireball1996

    I don't know what to to

    My husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost a year now which ended in one miscarriage and zero babies which idk how to handle it plus on top of that my best friend who is like a sister to me just gave birth to her still born daughter who died of turners syndrome five months in and I witnessed the entire thing and held the baby who was so underdeveloped so I feel like I'm going to...
  • hippo2975

    Struggling to cope with infertility

    hi I'm new to this ...I'm 41 and single and just found out I have low progesterone (had to lie to get the blood test as I knew something was wrong.I was told when I enquired GP wouldn't do the test cos I'm over 40 and single, I wouldn't be offered any help on NHS but I could pay for it) I have a hospital appointment later this month ... I have no idea how to deal with all the emotions I have .......
  • MrsO.

    Out of hope and strength

    My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 3 - 4 years. I had my egg collection on the 9th November but due to overstimulation, was unable to have the implantation and will be having it in the new year. I had a really rough time recovering due to the overstimulation and feel like I've used up all my strength to get over the mental and physical side of the medication and process. I hoped I...
  • Purdy

    Over it....

    As it is coming up to new years I need to get out all the negativity that has plagued me this year. I have had a very rough year, this is the 5th year my husband and I have tried, unsuccesfully, to have a child. Throughout the year I have had blood tests, ultra-sounds and surgery and my husband has had numerous blood and semen tests and the doctors still can't find any real reason as to why I...
  • wifes1strength

    Positivity is fading

    Me and my wife having been trying to get pregnant close to 3 years now. We've done all the test and nothing is wrong with either of us it's just something is not taking. We recently did the IuI test and still nothing. I'm trying to remain positive cause I know as soon as I show any signs of negativity then my wife will crumble as well but after this long it's starting to wear me down and i don't...
  • BrynsMomma

    New Member

    Hi everyone, I am new to this group. I am struggling with trying to conceive & am starting to question whether there is something wrong with my boyfriend or I. I had my IUD removed in August & my doctor said it can take a while to get pregnant after getting an IUD out, but my sister & numerous friends of mine were pregnant within 3 months at the most of getting theirs out. Some got pregnant the...
  • Jessi0993

    Anyone else?

    After years of trying to concieve, test after test, I am done "hoping and Praying" Does it make me a horrible person to get so angry when my husband says " It'll happen, leave it in gods hands" All i think about is a baby, a family. I constantly think of what my child would be like, look like, his or her name, how we would break the news, what kind of parents we'd be. I get SO angry and jealous...
  • kittycms7

    Trying to hide the struggle

    i am 30 years old and my husband and I have been diagnosed with unexplained fertility. I have undergone 4 open heart surgeries in my life and are struggling with feeling I have another thing wrong with me. In the time we have been trying to get pregnant by sister in law has had a baby. My twin just told me a few weeks ago also that they are pregnant. Since then I have been in hiding from my...
  • lilie315

    Understanding Needed

    Help - i'm on an emotional rollercoaster and i don't know what to do! I'm all weepy and sad from the letrozol and am supposed to get my period any minute now. I'm trying to be strong for my husband b/c it's not fair to him. He doesn't want a clingy, crying girl eventhough he  tries his best to be supportive. I took a pregancy test and it's negative (gee, no shock there).  I know it will pass,...
  • MrsRude

    just need to get it off my chest

    I'm young, 24, but i've been blessed with young love as well. My husband and i have been together for 8 years. Married for 3. We have both successfully started and ran our own companies and have been fortunate enough to build a savings and life that allows us to live life as we please. I try to stay positive and understand that what i have is more than enough but in truth we would both give the...