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In vitro fertilization is one of the most common and utilized ways of treating conception problems. This support group is dedicated to those beginning their journey with IVF and needing support. Join the community and share your experiences, advice, and story with people going through similar challenges starting a family.

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  • MrsO.

    Coping with my emotions

    My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 3.5 years and over that time, I feel like I've been though every imaginable emotion, and some I couldn't have imagined.We had a failed frozen transfer in February and the clinic wants me to have three cycles before the next. Since then, I've been really struggling with anger and I don't know what to do anymore.I'm angry that I'm just waiting. I...
  • PureBlessings727

    Medicare And IVF

    hello everyone.. glad to be here.i had two ectopics august 2015 and april 2017. loss both of my tubes and now im looking to IVF. i do receive SSDI and im only 32. i went to shady grove and they told me that they could not accept me because i have medicare and i would have to drop them in order for them to see me even if im paying out the pocket with made no sense to me and my boyfriend. so anyway...
  • nissniickiie

    Just needing to get this off my heart. .

    Sitting on my couch trying SO hard not to cry because I know I won't be able to stop.i hate the way I'm feeling my best friend just told me she's pregnant again and I feel like I've been punched in the stomach I WANT to feel happy for her but all I feel is mad/sad. Randomly found this group online because I need to get my feelings out. My husband and I have been trying for 9 years with 0...
  • lilie315

    IVF in the Czech Republic?

    Hi, Has anyone from the US done IVF in the Czech Republic? If not, do you know any blogs or other sites that I can maybe find people who have? Thanks
  • mrsmooney826

    IVF Round 2- next month-- looking for buddies!

    Is anyone starting a round of IVF next month?  I should be starting a fresh full cycle at the end of the month. This will be my second time doing IVF and I'd love some buddies in the same boat!!
  • morgan_noel33

    IVF- So overwhelming

    Friday my husband and I went to a fertility specialist.  We had went to one 4 years ago and they didn't give us any hope.  They did a sperm test on my husband and just automatically assumed there was no hope and we shouldn't even continue to try on our own.  Well we decided to not listen to them and we have continued to try on our own, never giving up.  4 years later it still has not happened...
  • lilie315

    Quick Selfish Man Vent

    I'm about to leave for my 2nd IUI and regardless of the outcome (but it would be great if it worked) i'm just glad that we're finally doing something.  But my hubby is putting way to much pressure on himself about his role in this. I totally get that it's werid for him to be doing that in a dr's office, but can i be selfish for one second here? I'm the one on the meds, i'm the one experiencing...
  • GoodThingsToCome

    Has anyone considered donor eggs?

    Hi All-I am getting ready to start my third cycle of IVF next week.  Third time is the charm, right?  If this cycle proves unsuccessful, I am not sure if a fourth try will be an option given my age and the quality of my eggs.  Has anyone considered donor eggs or had success going that route?  I'd love to hear your thoughts/experience.  Thanks in advance.  
  • bk11

    I donated my eggs to my sister

     My sister just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl two days ago. having struggled for five years with infertility I donated my eggs.  Looking for some support of the emptiness I feel I just want to go hold that baby and feel so selfish that I feel this way.  Any advice on how to deal with this feeling.  They have not asked me out and understand how I feel but they got what they wanted and I...
  • mrsmooney826

    Tips for a good transfer?

    Does anyone have any good tips for what to do the day of transfer and the days that follow to help with success?  I know last time I did the eat a pineapple suggestion... I also work socks 24/7 for a week or so! I heard that helps keep your uterus warm and cozy! Who knows, but it worked!  Any other good tips or suggestions?Thanks!
  • hope114

    Does this happen to you?

    For those going through IVF/IUI do you ever feel hopeless one day, angry the next, scared, in bargaining mode, then super positive and hopeful? Right now, I am in denial regarding my DOR. I feel like my docs are crazy and there's nothing wrong with me, it's just either a bad month or they are screwing up my protocol. sure maybe the meds put me on an emotional roller coaster, but this feels like...
  • BB8484


    Had my procedure today. Got the endometriosis cleaned out and my Fallopian tube removed. So now I'm tubeless but I am blessed to still have two working ovaries and most of my uterus which still functions. I want to thank you all for the support I have gotten through this. Also suggest a book it's called women's bodies women's wisdom. I'm only about 181 pages in but it's really helpful talks about...
  • michie97

    Mothers Day

    Anyone else struggling with Mothers Day? I am having a really hard time this year, especially with having my second failed IVF this week. My mother has been such a great support but don't want to celebrate with my brothers and their kids on Sunday, and now I feel selfish. I am still mourning and just can't do it. I really thought this year would be a happy Mother's Day for me! 
  • morgan_noel33

    I just don't understand

    Today is my sister's gender reveal party. This is her first child and was unplanned. My husband and I have been trying for 4 years. I'm so back and forth because I'm already an aunt to 6 great nieces and nephews are my husbands side but this is my first niece or nephew for me and I'm so excited to be an aunt, but I want to be a mom more. I have to sit here and watch my mom and dad become...
  • ashley071616


    I feel as if I have no one to talk too. Now before I continue I want to tell you I am not trying to conceive, nor will I. Let me explain....since a very young age I have had female problems, 2 surgeries (possibly 3 soon), a tumor on my uterus and now dealing with the possibility of only having one ovary now. Did I mention I'm only 18? That being said, there is a very VERY slim chance of ever...