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In vitro fertilization is one of the most common and utilized ways of treating conception problems. This support group is dedicated to those beginning their journey with IVF and needing support. Join the community and share your experiences, advice, and story with people going through similar challenges starting a family.

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  • Nadine

    I'm An Emotional Wreck

    I just turned 40 this month, and found out from a fertility specialist that my husband and I can not have a baby naturally.  I'm an emotinal wreck and need some support.  My emotions are all over the minute I'm happy and next minute I'm crying in sadness and from guilt that maybe I did something to bring this on myself.  My dream of becoming a mother naturally is no longer...
  • AHDH6-14

    Feeling defeated

    I'm am 28 years old and have always wanted a baby. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost 3 years. In the last 6 months we have seen a specialist and have had many procedure's and blood work done. I did 15 days on hormone stimulates and had just had my first and last egg retrieval procedure due to only being able to produce one egg after such high hopes from my doctor. I feel so...
  • Yasin2017

    Need counselling or advice

    Hello allMy name is Syeda.I am writing dowN because My story might be more harder than you.Not too long ago I came here in this country.We came here to establish a good life for us and our future baby's.As we have been encountering lots of new strategies of this country and getting familiar on those day by day. Within two years we experience unexpected news which was my husband has a Brain...
  • poetvivi

    Is there even hope

    my period is 12 days late today . Four appointments and 7 test later all negative. I was told FINALLY that it was late because I lost a lot of wait so no I am not pregnant FROM THE DAY I THOUGHT. I was ovulating the 11th , had sex it would of came out positive but no it did not . But there is a small small change that I could of gotten pregnant on the 24th hints it wouldn't show up yet . They...
  • lalalax88

    HSG test...nightmare!

    My HSG experience was horrible. I could not bare the pain. Maybe because my tubes are both blocked and I had no "spillage" which was a red flag. My heart hurts, I keep saying why is this all happening to me. The pain was tolerable at first then when the dye went in it was like the worst period cramps of your life until they removed everything then I could relax again. I think I tolerate pain...
  • blueastheocean

    Pregnancy Test Negative

    This is my first time joining a support group, but it's hard to be hopeful and positive.  I'm 31.  My husband and I tried for 2 years before getting tested and diagnosed with unexplained infertility.  I find that so frustrating- not knowing what's "wrong" and why this isn't working.  Because it should be working, right?!  Based on all the tests and follicles and uterine lining and sperm...
  • All those early years I tried not to get pregnant with birth control and condoms because I was in college then grad school and here I am 31 and unable to get pregnant for 19 months. Should I not have put my schooling first, should I have done it the other way around. Baby and then career. Everyone always says that I did it the "right" way. Well what do they know I could be 31 with an 11 year old...
  • Disneygirl86

    Venting-Making Excuses?

    I don't know if anyone else feels the same way, but I am tired of having to make an excuse as to why I'm not pregnant yet. At first I always told people we were waiting because we were newly married, then we moved and I was finishing school. Now when people ask me what I'm waiting for, or to not wait to long because I will run out of time, I want to cry and walk away. I don't even know what to...
  • MamaDiva

    I Am Almost At My Breaking Point

    I am 29 and will be 30 in a few months. My husband is 32 and we have been trying for several years to conceive. Even before I met him I had tried with my previous partner and it failed as well. I did conceive once when I was 21, but ended up having a miscarriage. That was totally devastating! My husband keeps reassuring me everything is fine and he certainly doesn't mind "trying" to get pregnant...
  • Chadwae

    Today is a hard one

    Some background first is that back when I was 24 I had a miscarriage. I found out I was pregnant and 3 days and 12 hours later (those 12 hours in an ER waiting room) I no longer was. It was sudden but traumatic. My husband and I decided we'd just let it happen figuring the miscarriage was just a fluke since I'd just switched birth control methods. We figured pregnancy and parenthood was a...
  • lilie315

    Understanding Needed

    Help - i'm on an emotional rollercoaster and i don't know what to do! I'm all weepy and sad from the letrozol and am supposed to get my period any minute now. I'm trying to be strong for my husband b/c it's not fair to him. He doesn't want a clingy, crying girl eventhough he  tries his best to be supportive. I took a pregancy test and it's negative (gee, no shock there).  I know it will pass,...
  • Jessi0993

    Anyone else?

    After years of trying to concieve, test after test, I am done "hoping and Praying" Does it make me a horrible person to get so angry when my husband says " It'll happen, leave it in gods hands" All i think about is a baby, a family. I constantly think of what my child would be like, look like, his or her name, how we would break the news, what kind of parents we'd be. I get SO angry and jealous...
  • oceangirl829

    Looking for support...

    I'm 25 years old and my husband and i have been trying for a year now. I never thought I would be going through this. I have normal cycles and everything yet we cannot conceive! I have been to the doctor and was prescribed clomid to strengthen my ovulation. I'm about to start month 3 but I have no hope. We haven't told our families which makes it difficult because they always ask when the babies...
  • Adenomyosis is a common disease in females and it has affected thousands of females in the world. And it can lead to infertility. Commonly, it is often accompanied with endometriosis which also is one of the usual reasons for infertility. Recently, a patient with adenomyosis come to me and ask me something about the disease. She says she is very confused with what to do about her disease and she...
  • poetvivi

    Pregnant ?

    My period is 9 days late , all the test I've taken are negative I have no clue what's happening or what's going on . Lots of people are telling me to take care of myself and pretend I am pregnant and take care of myself but I've been trying to conceive for two years and this whole roller coaster of omg maybe I am is horrible Bc at the end of the day I'm not . And I don't wanna be taking care of...