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Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis for satisfactory sexual intercourse regardless of the capability of ejaculation. There are various underlying causes, such as diabetes, many of which are medically reversible. The causes may be physiological or psychological.

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  • deleted_user

    Propecia Linked to Erectile Dysfunction

    Propecia has recently been linked to a number of severe side effects including: erectile dysfunction, impotence, low libido, gynecomastia, breast cancer and prostate cancer. According to research conducted at the Center for Andrology and Division of Endocrinology at George Washington University, physicians treating MPHL should discuss the potential risk of persistent sexual side effects...
  • Fred

    Bedroom Problems

    I have been married about a year and don't have the ability to have sex with my wife. I came out of a previous relationship that was not sexually active and I lost confidence in that relationship and it carried over into my current relationship/marriage. When i try to have sex with my wife I can't keep an erection during penetration or even leading up to penetration i lose my erection. This has...
  • vivvianblosser

    ED/Low T equals a Lonely life for a wife

    Due to the delicate nature of this problem I have no one I can talk to about my husband. I am reaching out because I know I'm not the only one facing this. I have heard the men blame wives for leaving... I'm not cheating or leaving but I offer the men on here a different perspective... I don't know... maybe your wife feels lonely or rejected? Well, this is my story...I have been with my...
  • golarge

    ED in just the Corpus Spongiosum?

    Hi All, New hear and hoping to get some feedback. I'm 45 and have a very active sex life with my wife, typically 3-4x per week. Over the last 18 months, my erections have gotten weaker. No real changes to my diet or excersize or lifestyle.The problem area is the corpus spongiosum(CS). The corpus cavernosa(the CC - two side chambers) fill just fine. But the glans and the spongiosum don't...
  • divshirsat12

    Erectile Dysfunction Got Cured

    My friend had the problem of erectile dysfunction. His sex life was not going well with his partner. His wife was always upset because of their intimacy problems. Then after a long time when we met he explained his problem to me. As I am a doctor he was expecting a cure for his condition. I told him to start homeopathic treatment because it is very effective on this type of conditions. He...
  • 4jesus

    Lack of sex

    My husband and I have been married almost 13 years. No children (but 1 miscarriage). We do want children very much. Thing is, it seems we are living in a sexless marriage. I understand that some of the medications he is on may be causing some of the lack of desire and that his age may be a factor (41). I have talked to him and he says he is not depressed and still finds me attractive. But...
  • frustratedpoet0001


    Has anyone ever tried accupuncture?   Just wonder if anyone here every tried it and if so, what were the results?
  • Grim8

    Admitted It To Myself, but What Next?

    Hello all, I'm 35, but I have been suffering from ED for many years. From a very young age I've been sexually active and I've had a few long term relationships where I've managed to hide my issues with the use of ED related drugs. I'm fearing now that I have over done them as the last couple of times I've tried them they just do not work for sustained erections. It has taken an awful lot for me...
  • CleanSanchez

    Need advice on ED and rejection

    Been married about 10 years and have always had a case of ED...not critical, but definitely needed on weekend after the wife and I have gone out and had a couple of drinks. Apparently I have a varicocele which a doctor told me they could take care of, but would only have 50% chance of curing ED, so I've been on Viagra and Cialis since.What my problem is now (and has been at times in the past) is...
  • deprivedanddismissed

    Talking about doesn't always help

    I finally spoke with my husband about the elephant in the room.  I explained my sexual frustration. That even if things aren't physically working for him that I still need the intimacy. He agreed to see a doctor and seek help, which was encouraging but then still no effort was made for intimacy. Not even kissing. When I asked him about it again, he opened up but his response was devastating.He...
  • Hi I am starting a new vitamin regime with the hope of aiding four major issues:1. Erectile dysfunction2. Shoulder/neck problems3. High incidence of clicking and popping in joints4. Dupuytren's diseaseFor 2) - 4) my aim is to use supplements with an anti-inflammatory effect.I am, of course, using this regime to accompany my general health - I am exercising everyday using specific exercises I've...
  • Hi there, I am male, 33, healthy.  Anxiety around my partner is causing erection problems.  It started early in our relationship.  We are around 9 months in.  I have taken Cialis which works but recently my anxiety around him has got worse.  it prevents me from getting an erection when we're making out.  I get nervious that I won't be able to get an erection, and have to stimulate myself...
  • SoulmanSam

    Young with ED -- need some advice....

    ok... so this is a bit embarrassing, and why i am coming to an online thing to get some advice... this isn't exactly something i feel comfortable with my buddies knowing... so hopefully someone here can relate to my only 36 and im suffering from ED.... is there anyone else here who is younger and has this problem?
  • dunie


    I have been having erection problems for several years.  Viagra is not all that dependable works sometimes, sometimes no.  I don't like the side effects, headache, heartburn sometimes for a day or more.  My doctor suggested Trimix, a penis shot.  I have the rx and an appointment for instructions.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  I haven't talked with my wife about this yet. ...
  • 9254

    ED FOR 6 plus years

    My wife is on her last leg with me. She feels I am sexual unattracted to her and that it's not a medical issue. Now when I can maintain I'm delt with premature ejaculation. Which has now made things worse. Help