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Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis for satisfactory sexual intercourse regardless of the capability of ejaculation. There are various underlying causes, such as diabetes, many of which are medically reversible. The causes may be physiological or psychological.

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  • gertie2111

    Impotency and sleep apnea

    I am 45 my partner 57. He has impotency and sleep apnea, which meens we don't have sex or sleep in the same bed. I have got my head round this now, taken a cuple of years!! But my friends say this isn't right and won't last. After a string of abusive relationships this is enuf for me as he treats me like a princess. What do other people think. Ps he has tried all kinds of medication to fix this...
  • gertie2111

    Impotency and sleep apnea

  • crazylady

    Any help for partners?

    Hi i'm currently struggling with my h's ED and it's killing our relationship. He would rather masturbate to pics or porn than try anything with me. He is a porn /sex addict in denial. There seems to be no help for partners in the UK apart from 6 weeks free counselling sessions which did nothing at all! Any advice?
  • PelvicWhat

    Too sensitive and...

    Hello. So recently ive noticed I dont get super hard anymore and if I masturbate i cum within seconds. Im 35 and 186. I also have a weak pelvic floor and therefore where depends real fit during the day. My wife is so upset im not sure what to do and how to fix it. Do i use cock rings, numbing creams. Im just not sure. I do get hard when arroused at physio massage but thats it. What do I need to...
  • Dd99

    Ed since marriage

    In writing here as I feel like this is driving me nuts. I have absolutely no one to speak to about this and its killing me. I've known my husband for 6 years prior to marriage and we abstained from sex. I kept away because i didn't want to regret it and decided to wait till marriage. It was only a couple of month before our wedding that we tries having sex and he couldn't get it up. I...
  • Gecko3943


    I am in my early 20s and I take many psychiatric meds which can cause erectile dysfunction. Also i was raped and molested when I was a kid. But anyway, I have taken Cialis and Viagra. Viagra I feel works better for me. Sex is often interrupted by my urge to urinate. I feel like I have to go really badly but not much comes out. Also, oddly I start urinating and I have to go but I get an erection...
  • 4jesus

    Sexless marriage

    My husband and I are relatively still young (he's 43 and I'm 35). Been married 14 years, no kids yet (had a miscarriage back in 2011).  Since 2011 to now, sex has gradually gotten less and less and now to nothing.  We still see each other naked but there is no fooling around or even sexual touching much anymore.  I would say it has been a year since the last time we tried to have sex....
  • deleted_user

    With erectile dysfunction

    My husband has had ED for over three years now. At first he told him he had a "broke dick" when he was on a deployment. I asked what happened and he said he didn't know it just wouldn't work. We went to a doctor who gave him a prescription. He took only one pill and said he didn't like the way it made him feel. I recently caught him with a women. He now tells me he only has erectile...
  • AdminTeamDS

    Viagra for Impotence & Erectile Dysfunction

    Tell us about your personal experience with Viagra as a treatment: Has it worked? Have you had any issues? Any recommendations or tips?
  • Key86

    Young gay guy struggling with ED

    Hello everybody, I'm new to this group. I'm a 30 year old gay guy from Mexico, and well I've been dealing with ED for a few years now. I was in a LTR for 8 years and around the time we were like 3 years together I started with this kind of issue, every little thing was enough to make me lose my erection, if he tickled me somehow, or if we switched positions, or even when putting on the condom,...
  • nofil69

    whats the best natural way to cure ED?

    Im gonna start a new relationship soon but my erections are only half what it use to be... Im looking for anything that can help thats natural... 
  • Grim8

    Admitted It To Myself, but What Next?

    Hello all, I'm 35, but I have been suffering from ED for many years. From a very young age I've been sexually active and I've had a few long term relationships where I've managed to hide my issues with the use of ED related drugs. I'm fearing now that I have over done them as the last couple of times I've tried them they just do not work for sustained erections. It has taken an awful lot for me...
  • Nevertheless


    I've been married now for almost a year and my husband and I have yet to consummate our marriage. We waited until we were married to have sex. We did some have petting so I do know he was able to get an erection. He has high.blood pressure so the medication is the cause. We have tried the injections and they are not working. We are asking the Dr for a stronger dosage. I haven't been able to talk...
  • mgordon_gtv6

    ED is causing me to become a misogynist

    Hi There Forum Members, I'm new here and am struggling what to ask just I am struggling to achieve an erection.  I'm around 60 years old and during my life I have come to really hate most women. The more I hate women, the more I have an ED problem although my doctor says it is most likely the other way around.  Do any of you experience this conundrum?
  • markosam

    To Get rid of Erectile Dysfunction

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