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Homelessness refers to the condition and societal category of people who lack fixed housing, specifically a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. The definition also includes a person who has a primary nighttime residence that is in transitional housing or a person who spends most nights in a supervised public or private facility.

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  • Adimmedglo

    I guess im going to a shelter?

    I havd been "indoor" homeless for 5 years, maybe longer. I lost my apartment after i lost my job, had to take whatever housing was given. Faced abuse, loss of property and now my current place im staying the person wants me out and i hate him but i have no place to go. He tried to tell me to move on the 4th of july after i paid the pg&e bill. I told him he is legally required to give me 30 days...
  • deleted_user

    Breaking the cycle of poverty

    How would you break this cycle? In your own life, your family and friends lives and your community?I feel like I am surrounded by people who are negative and don't believe anything is possible. But aside for positive thinking and being around positive people.What actions can one take to break out of this cycle?
  • scoobydoobydoo

    Invisible Homeless

    Hi, just joined this group and have to say after reading some of the posts, not sure if I belong. I am not without a roof over my head - I am crashing on my brother's couch. However things are not looking good in this new town and though I know my brother would never throw me out with nowhere to go, I can't see staying here with him rent-free forever. I am not naive and hold no romantic...
  • emilyam

    I'm so scared of being homeless :'(

    I'm so so scared of being homeless :'(I'm really dependent on other people...I'm so scared...
  • Beaumont

    Best And Worst Cities For Us

    What are the best and worst cities to be homeless in, especially for someone who might be considering moving to another city?
  • okay long story shortIm 21 Pacifist, Taoist, Vow of Non-violenceI ran away at 1617-19 I had a home with my best friendthe rest has been couch hopping, car living, and abandoned buildingsi could use sumone to talk too
  • deleted_user

    Injured- and no one cares.

    I Fractured my lower back , Lost my job and room. With no money . Borrowing to pay my car insurance and gas just to stay warm is wearing thin. Everywhere ive gone expect me to just work. well I cant at this time. I have DDD,Fractured back and as a nurse assistant I am not able to do my job. No one cares. My so called family really dont or cant help . I am an orphan. with no friends or family.
  • deleted_user

    you can survive it............

    I won''t go into my life story or hwo it happened, that would take too long. But I was homeless, living out of my car for a month, then in a shelter for six months. It was awful.I think one of the most basic human fears is ending up homeless. But I am just here to say that you can survive it. I am a Christian and pray alot, talk to God and that helps. While living out of my car, a Cristion...
  • deleted_user

    Stuff to Carry

    I was looking for sort of a packing list for being homeless. Like if you are riding the rails or hitch hiking or whatever. What are the most important things to have?
  • Beaumont

    From Homeless To A Home

    My apologies. I tried several different subject lines such as Escape From Homelessness and Re-Entering Society before deciding to go with From Homeless To A Home. Really, I'm not trying to be a wise-quacker.I would like us to put our best ideas forward on how a person can go from being homeless to having a place to call home (not a homeless shelter or a temporary stay in a church basement, but...
  • If you live in MA and have a room to rent or you know a landlord and need a room mate to share rent with get back to me .. I am lili,hunt at ya..ho..o.. d..o...t c..om ... females room mates only please..
  • tanyalynn51

    There is hope.

    My name is Tanya and I want to say there is hope. I was homeless for 17 years. I grew up in a good environment, except that I had to suppress who I am (long story), first with alcohol and then eventually drugs, mainly pot and acid or mushrooms. After high school, I gave up on life where I was and started hitchhiking around the country, burying Tanya looking for something else. The longer I...
  • I am a lively 39 year old,that has been homeless for the last 23 years. In December I decided to leave Sunny Florida so I could see where I was born. Unfortunately, I again found myself on the street. I went to the local Salvation Army where they told me I would be able to get help getting an apartment and steady part time work. What I found was something just the opposite. See, I suffer from...
  • The guy who I've been with for 8 years wants me to leave. I have nowhere to go, my job was with him, and I don't have many marketable skills. I failed college. Right now my dog of 7 years has Lymphoma and has 6 weeks to live. I am watching him die. My mother was told by her Echo, EKG, Stress test and Ct that she is fine. The tests were all wrong or don't mean much as last week she had a heart...
  • deleted_user

    not eating well

    i just got to wangaratta victoria not feeling so well i dont reat good perhaps tomorrow i can find some food dont know the local services and my radio died lol hope some people are doin better