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HIV (also known as human immunodeficiency virus, and formerly known as HTLV-III and lymphadenopathy-associated virus) is a retrovirus that primarily infects vital components of the human immune system which can lead the syndrome known as AIDS. Many of the problems faced by people infected with HIV result from failure of the immune system to protect from opportunistic infections and cancers.

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  • Three HIV tests over a span of two months maybe infected June 10 or July 8 but I've had all the symptoms and took a RNA TEST AUG 1 negative antibody test August 10th negative but my symptoms and night sweats are getting worse I don't see why I would be having these affects
  • Recently was dx with osteoporosis an have been told my hiv drug truvada causes osteoporosis. Currently on Hep c tx so they are keeping everything status quo. My HIV doc just in formed me that when I complete Hep c tx she will be changing truvada to anothermhivnmed. I was informed that particular medication is responsible for the osteo. She said I should have no problem with new med and it would...
  • I have been on meds for over 6 years , doing very very well, high cd4 , undetectable, no other problems relating to hiv, however in 2014 i had to have to lesions removed from penis of which after biopsy come back as KS, fine they have been removed and as i did not wamt any info, got on with my life for the last 2 years, now i have a couple of deep red spots come on my arm ,near the elbow of which...
  • jacobdo77

    HIV/AIDS Information

    One of the first disorders that occurs, when the HIV virus is contracted, is Hypochlorhydria. Hypochlorhydria is the reduction in the strength of the hydrochloric acid (HCL), produced by the stomachs parietal cells. Hypochlorhydria causes malabsorption, of the necessary vitamins, minerals and micronutrients necessary to keep the body healthy and support the immune system.When nutrients enter...
  • Anyone know of a good facial plastic surgeon in the NYC area all comments and experiences with lipoatrophy welcomed
  • calirn13

    avascular necrosis

    Anyone have any experiance with hip issues? avascular necrosis, idiopathic gout of the hip ect...
  • My Kidneys & Liver have been struggling due to our meds. I'm about to try another combo & was hoping someone here has any advise for me?Epzicom, Endurant & Tivicay. Is your skin on fire when you sleep? How does your Vitals respond? Thanks for anyone that can offer any advise
  • deleted_user

    HIV and Disability

    My first time writing to this support group. My first time adding to any support group. Basically I am a male 55 yrs. and have been HIV for 25 years. I've had many health ups and downs over the years but I left work only a few times and for short periods. That I am very grateful for. In 2009 I became very ill and was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage IV. I was treated with chemo and...
  • NinjaSk8terr

    Triumeq w/ Abacavir

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this new Treatment: Triumeq w/ Abacavir ?
  • Dear Sir/Madam,I'm a 24 year old male. I had a one night stand last October, or the October before that (I can't recall correctly) without protection, never looked back. I am unable to track down this female I was with, but I believe that she may had many partners before me, she was older. I moved on with my life and didn't even consider any STD in my mind. Fast forward this late June while...
  • I am also on this site because am looking to make female friends. I do have my boyfriend who I discuss things but it would be nice sometimes if I know someone else, preferably a female who is positive. I do have female friends that are not positive but sometimes i do feel like the odd one out because while they are supportive they don't understand what you are going through. If you are...
  • pasch


    My husband cheated on me and got HIV and gave it to me on our honeymoon in March...In the beginning of April, I got very sick and no one knew why. I was hospitalized three different times. Eventually I had to go to Seattle to the big hospital and I had meningitis and encephalitis and I almost died.Eventually they tested me for HIV and it was positive. I couldn't even believe it. It's just not...
  • While being HIV positive is not new for me, I am starting a new chapter in my life without a man. I decided to leave a 7yr relationship that had become a crutch for me to "hide" as he used to say. I found out that I was HIV + in 2007 , just after we had begun to fall in love. It was a mixed blessing because he remained negative all through our relationship. I am still to this day wondering how I...
  • Hello, just want to say hi to everyone and hope all are well and good on this blessed day.
  • snarknado

    How Can This Happen?

    I apologize if this isn't the proper forum in which to post this, but there aren't really any support groups for family members here (that I could find).I just lost my brother to HIV/AIDS because he was unaware he was infected and, therefore was not on any type of antiretroviral meds. He ended up having complications after surgery, developed double pneumonia was placed on a ventilator for...