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Heart failure is a condition that can result from any structural or functional cardiac disorder that impairs the ability of the heart to fill with or pump a sufficient amount of blood throughout the body. It is often undiagnosed due to a lack of a universally agreed definition and difficulties in diagnosis, particularly when the condition is considered "mild."

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  • ReneeRN

    RN Seeking Insight

    Hello,I am a nurse and I am currently studying to become a nurse case manager. In the near future, I want to work with patients who are living with chronic/congestive heart failure (CHF), and I have focused my senior synthesis project on helping this population. You are very dear to my heart as I lost my father to cardiac disease in 2003. I am reaching out to see if anyone can give me insight...
  • karenlann

    ef 10% to 40%

    Hi I am 61. Befor Feb 2017 was very healthy.  All test were always normal. Worked at a very physical job.  One night I couldn't breath, rushed to hosp. woke up 3 days later on vent (taken off that day) and found out I had CHF with EF of 20%.  Told it was caused by some viral infection.  Was given a life vest when sent home, also found out I had 85% blockage in heart. Put stint in during...
  • summerbda19

    New! Hi ❤️

    Hello,Over the coarse of a couple weeks in the gym I became increasingly short of breath. So I went to my GP who sent me for a calcium Ct scan..... well my test came out horrible. My score is almost 400. I am 50 with a little girl 7 that needs me to be alive!!! I am beyond scared!!! I was a big drinker ( quit 10'years ago) and an ex smoker as well.....my father and grandfather both had heart...
  • llffss

    Any advice will be appreciated

    so here is the story:undiagnosed but been feeling sick after contracting a virus infection about 1.5 years ago. Symptoms are extremely fatigued high hemocrit and hemoglobin and RBC, high cholesterol,cough with some fluid, gained 10 pounds on my midsection, heart palpitations and pvc's. Went to the cardiologist who gave me 24 holter, noted palps and PVC, high heart rate. I have been having all...
  • Kingchris8484

    Need support

    Hi, my name is Christopher Mccain. I'm 33 years old and I have a bi-vad. Here is my story gofundme.com/2a5w6eks6ew
  • FreddyDaddy1940


    My daughter aged 24 years has VSD, which is known to us just before 4 months. She is working in a weed clinic and working hard. She has a light regular pain pain in back of neck and shoulder. What should i do? Is doing job harmful for her? What about her marriage? She is unmarried.
  • llokie6789

    Hi stu have heart failure 10 persent function nowi

    Hello all my heart is ten persent 
  • badheartDad

    not ready to go

    I am 37 years old and victim of a viral attack on my heart that has left it in a severe condition.Dr says i have a 60% chance of the meds workingcarvedilol and ramipril .he is going to treat me agressive.I have a 4 year old boy that I would like to spend more time with. I am not ready to go
  • momsell

    New CHF, probable for ICD soon

    Hi everyone,62 y/o lady with new diagnosis of CHF.  EF 25%, on meds carvedilol, losartin and lasix.  Doc wants to put in an PM for resynchronization (I have an idiopathic left bundle branch block) and also the defibrillator.  I REALLY do not want the defibrillator part.  Can I refuse this?
  • nacnic

    Quality of life

    I am 36 and was diagnosed (Jan 2nd 2017) with stage 3-end stage CHF (EF was between 15-20), a-fib and DVT. Last fall I was running 15-20 mi/wk, regularly​ weight trained and played sports. Right now I'm on seven meds and wear a zoll life vest. Alot of my friends were shocked when I told them of my diagnosis since I lived a much healthier and more active life than they do. I was shocked too....
  • Mlevine

    Chf/EF ratio

    Hi guys, first time here. 48 yr old male was in hospital dec27 - Jan 3rd. First time I was told I have CHF, my EF was 25 to 30. I said to myself WTF!!! Back to hospital Jan 16-23rd where I was told I was in A-FIB, have a blood clot on my heart, I was in kidney failure stage 3 and my EFratio dropped to 15. We waited two and a half months before doing another Echo not to mention I am on the...
  • superfletch21


    Hello all, I am 41 and new to this group.  I had a massive heart attack 2 years ago and had been doing fine since.  Had an echo 2 weeks ago and a follow up last week and got the news my EF is down to 27 from 47.  Going in for heart cath on Friday to see what is going on.  For how have been put on meds for heart failure.  There has been talk about a defib/pacemaker.  Wanted to know if a...
  • gham92

    To male forum users, do you suffer from impotence?

    This is probably the most depressing part about having heart disease for me, and I am only 24 years old, the penis is basically limp and has no life to it, it almost doesn't feel part of my body as if the blood has been signifigantly sucked out of it over time leading to nerve damage/dumbness, I used to be able to just about have sex but it was never really enjoyable for me because with lack of...
  • shirleyuno

    dont't know what to do about work?

    I am 63 and have had ef for about 15 years, seven years ago my ef dropped to 25 and I had a pacemaker defibultor put in. that helped and my ef went up to 30-35. My defilbutor has fire three times in the last five months, the last episode was from a heart attack while i was at my doctors office.  I have been very tired since, some days are good and some I don't even fill like getting out of...
  • DepressedRecluse


    I've been struggling with congestion for the last few weeks...also shortness of breath at the slightest bit of exercise...I did was looking for something yesterday, so did a lot of strenuous activity moving stuff and cleaning and dusting...needless to say, I didn't find what I was looking for...but I am very short of breath...had to sleep at a 35 degree angle last night (at least I did sleep, I...