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Heart failure is a condition that can result from any structural or functional cardiac disorder that impairs the ability of the heart to fill with or pump a sufficient amount of blood throughout the body. It is often undiagnosed due to a lack of a universally agreed definition and difficulties in diagnosis, particularly when the condition is considered "mild."

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  • Rmcoronel21

    Husband only 31 diagnosed with chf

    Hello,My husband is only 31 and he was diagnosed with chf on June 28th. after a 2 day stay in the hospital. He is a recovering meth addict and the Dr's say that is what caused the congestive heart failure . just wanted to see if there was any other spouses out there who had similar situation .  thank u
  • DepressedRecluse

    I don't know what to do...

    I've been having cardiac asthma symptoms for a week...And it is getting worse... I cannot breath and I am miserable...it hurts too...
  • Hi, I am very worried that severe torture that I am being put under cover by law enforcement will cause heart failure, they make my heart race uncontrollable by bringing my attention to loud sounds, this severe harassment and abuse in every other way has been going on for 4 years day after day, what can I do to prevent heart failure?This is a post I wrote in another forum explaining the situation...
  • AAATiger

    42 with 27-30EF - Cleveland Clinic

    Friends...I had viral myocarditus in April 2015.  This past Friday was my 1-YR follow that showed I had trended down to a 27-30 EF from a 35EF.  I started in April 2015 with a 12-15EF.  Has anyone had these same type movements in EF?  Have you seen any improvements in your EF after it trends downward?  I am currently trying to get a second opinion from the folks at Cleveland Clinic....
  • pacey

    Need advice

    My dad has had a major heart attack he is 57 he is in coma and has been for 12 days his heart is only beating at 10% his kidneys are shutting down and liver some times his eyes will flutter but that's about it the doctors say he is going to die I don't no he has a major infection as well he is not responding to pain his eyes roll around when u lift his eye lids they want to take his oxygen tube...
  • DepressedRecluse

    Untreated CHF

    Hey guys... I am here because I ...honestly I don't know why I am here... What I do know is this...Eight months ago I went to the ER with a severe asthma attack, or so I thought... When I got there, I was triaged and rushed into a EKG and then wheelchaired into a Level 1 Trauma room surrounded with three doctors and six nurses who never left my side...for three hours I was treated as hospital...
  • Tiffanyslusher73

    Heart failure

    Hello I also have congestive heart failure I had a pacemaker and defibrillator put in last November but still seems to not be helping. I am also confused a lot of the time because I know that this is going to kill me and I sometimes don't know how to deal with it I did post on the pacemaker form also I just sometimes don't know where to turn because I am only 42 years old end I just get very...
  • Jean24

    Heart working at 32 percent

    Hi, My brother is 29. He has heart problems since birth (aortic valve been replaced). He was told yesterday that the left side of his heart is enlarged and only working at 32percent. In 2013 it was working at 42percent. The consultant was surprised he wasn't feeling out of breath & if it wasn't for this he would put in pace maker in now as he ticks every box. He told him to come back in 4months....
  • gham92

    To male forum users, do you suffer from impotence?

    This is probably the most depressing part about having heart disease for me, and I am only 24 years old, the penis is basically limp and has no life to it, it almost doesn't feel part of my body as if the blood has been signifigantly sucked out of it over time leading to nerve damage/dumbness, I used to be able to just about have sex but it was never really enjoyable for me because with lack of...
  • nymima

    CHF diagnosis with cirrhosis of the liver

    Just a question for my sister. She has been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver over 5 yrs. ago, and recently went to the hospital with severe edema and ascites. She received a new diagnosis of CHF that she's had for a while I guess. Her heart is very weak. She has had an arrhythmia that they couldn't get under control because of the edema in her legs, so she remains in the hospital at this...
  • gavinh

    Newly diagnosed

    Hi guysLooking for some clarity as I'm pretty confused atm.Ive recently been diagnosed with heart failure, found out yesterday my EF is 35%. Just to add, I've never had any symptoms, my heart failure was found purely by accident about 6 weeks back.Doc has prescribed me with Bisoprolol and Ramipril.Im 32, reasonably fit and do exercise regularly, have a decent balanced diet.Questions: Doc said...
  • RachelCass

    The past year

    Ever since my childhood I've had I'll health or problems. I was born in 74 an 8 week premature baby. Sadly I've been left with a variety of congenital defects or problems. My bladder never developed beyond childhood and my lungs have always caused problems. Being diagnosed with endometriosis at 21 hasnt helped either. But this past year has been just the worst. I collapsed last summer at the...
  • jennymaude

    CHF Newbie - Confused

    Hi all. I am a 57 yo female. I had an echo done on April 21 and the EF came back at 30-35%. I have zero symptoms. It was discovered while I was having a pre-op evaluation for removal of my gallbladder.  I then had a Nuclear test done and the EF came back 65% normal. Last month I had another Echo done and the results showed again 30-35% EF.  I have a cardic MRI scheduled for August 29,2016. ...
  • BHeather29

    Diagnosed heart failure 2014

    Last night i went through a very scary situation and kept going in and out of conciousness. This is not the first time its happened and last time i ended up in the hospital. There is not many i can talk to who would understand what im going through. Its hard going through this alone im feeling down.
  • joelopezf

    Any help would be appreciated

    Hey guys so 2 years back i had a pulmonary embolism due to a dvt from knee surgery. it took me months to recover, i had chest pains for months each morning i would thank god for another day on earth. it was the toughest months of my life, i was over weight at the time i lost weight got my health back to amazing shape and the pain and depression went away slowly but it was gone. Now 2015 oct 4 I...