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This community is a forum for people who are determined to improve their eating habits for health, personal wellness and other reasons. What you eat can have a dramatic impact on your life expectancy, your mood, your physical and mental well-being and much more. Share your experience eating healthy, get advice and find others who have similar goals.

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  • anahit_sargsian

    Healthy Lifestyle

    Hey!!I've just started to live with healthy lifestyle,and i need one advice...Can i eat after training..And if I can,then what i should eat?? 
  • shyloner

    Dieting and Exercise at age 28

    HelloI was wondering if anyone could give me advice on this? I've just started researching it myself but for a number of reasons I've decided this year to start exercising more and watch my diet more. I've been so careless with my diet since I left high school. Now I'm noticing a number of health problems and I can't help but wonder if it's diet-related?I guess all I'm really asking for is to be...
  • darkkiss101

    Diet Tips

    I want to lose weight and I have been trying to diet for awhile now and nothing seems to work. I am gluten free and dairy free. Can anyone recommend a diet that actually works?
  • murphsturf

    Let's get healthy and in shape

    My Beachbody journey started about last September 2015 I was weighing close to 270lbs. At 35 years of age I had to make a decision. Am I going to be a 40 year old man and be a fat lazy old guy and let myself go even more?I didn't want my daughter asking me to to go for a bike ride and me not up to it because I wasn't fit! I want to go for a run with my little athlete, take her swimming, show her...
  • Ihopeimready


    Hi,Its been 6 years since I left college. I've never had good body image. I've always wanted to eat healthy, and work out. I could never get into the habit. The maximum I was able to workout was for 6 weeks 8 years ago and then I got a flu and stopped. Eating healthy, I've never been able to do. I ate indian food growing up. We had alot of carbs in the diet. My parents cooked. I never was...
  • beecharmer24

    Repairing my gut and body

    Hi there my gut is fucked up from years of eating sugar and wheat on top of anxiety. I'm currently working on changing my diet and learning new recipes trying to learn all I can about health and whatnot and I'm just a little overwhelmed because I've never really done this to this extent before. I keep indulging in sugar bc even when I do eat healthy food, my body often still finds something...
  • SMR

    Try, Try Again

    Hello! I'm new to the group and to online support groups. I have been into health and wellness since I was a teen, but I am a backslider! I have completed a rigorous detox I designed myself every year for five years now. I always feel fantastic when it's over and have the intention of eating healthy and practicing self-care. It lasts for awhile, but within a few months, I have begun slipping back...

    New here

    Hi! I am new to DS.  I have anxiety & depression (already joined another group for that), and I am hoping to improve my overall physical and mental health by making better food choices.  I am generally pretty active and eat decent, but lately I've been kind of a mess.  I'd like to clean up my plate, get some support, and hopefully provide some encouragement to you.My personal goals are to...
  • deleted_user


    what do you eat when you have gastritis. Im scared to eat anything that will hurt. Help! Please???
  • biologyml6723


    Hello. I understand healthy eating fairly well. I can eat healthy all day (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, etc.), but at about 7-9 PM it strikes me. Cravings for all the unhealthy junk. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of these awful cravings? I usually crave carbs and sweets at the end of the day. One trick that I have heard of and used that a lot of you could use...
  • llm5673

    Healthy Eating Accountability buddy

    I want to eat healthy as a lifestyle!  I have had exercise plans that helped me lose weight but with out a healthy eating plan, the exercise can only be somewhat effective.  I would like to find an accountability partner to have a call on a regular basis to determine what we are going to eat and then be accountable to it.  We could toss around ideas about how/when to prepare food... I would...
  • michelejml

    Ditching Emotional Eating

    I'm looking for daily support from others who are also needing accountability to eat mindfully. I'd love to work out some kind of daily structure for the support--i.e. regular text check-ins, or e-mailing intentions/fears/obstacles. Is anyone else interested in this?
  • woodyld

    Think I have a problem

    I consider myself an active person, I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and I understand nutrition well. A few years ago I started eating really well and managed to lose a lot of unwanted body fat. I was looking pretty lean but over the last year I have really struggled. As long as my life is in a routine I do well, breakfast and lunch I eat good healthy food but once i finish work and go home, I...
  • EJelassi

    no support :(

    i'm really trying to eat clean and healthy - i have to due to kidney stones and liver disease.  so what does my dad bring home for dinner tonight?  pizza!!  i made myself a nice salad.  there are times (more and more often lately) that my family really makes me mad.  i honestly don't think they could follow my "diet," even if they had to!  my dad and brother live on pasta, white rice, bacon...
  • alnsum

    Healthy Eating in College

    I am currently in college.  I find that my biggest struggle is finding time to cook healthful recipes during my days that are really busy with school an dhomework and that on the weekends my friends are always inviting me to go out to eat with them which often leads to eating unhealthy food all weekend.  I love healthy eating and always do a really good job of eating well during summer breaks....