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  • carterbrautigan

    ACA Health Insurance Cluster F*ck

    When Trump ended the cost-sharing subsidy payments to insurance companies in October, insurers began raising rates.  For some, this will mean higher insurance costs.  For low income subscribers, it will mean an increase in the tax credit the federal government provides to make the insurance affordable.Congress is likely to drop the mandate to carry health insurance soon.  That will mean people...
  • carterbrautigan

    Affordable Care Act (ACA)

    Republicans in the House of Representatives keep trying to repeal the ACA, aka Obamacare.  Since the fed has stopped paying the ins co's cost overruns, premiums are going way up. The 2018 elections will make or break progressivism in the USA.  Another two years of caviling to the wealthy will destroy any chance of recovery without total revolution.
  •  Open Enrollment runs from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017. Outside the Open Enrollment Period, you generally can enroll in a health insurance plan only if you qualify for a SpecialEnrollment Period.
  • brav0

    Kindly suggest me about scaling and root planing

    Hello.. I need some help from you guys. I have tartar on back of my down front incisors. I have had scaling 2 years ago and since then I tried to keep my teeth clean using Crest Whitening toothpaste (not the strips). Now, I have no idea how the tartar build up again on the back of my teeth. I need some home remedy to remove tartar as it is really disturbing me. I heard that using hydrogen...
  • ceeMendes

    Question: anyone from Massachusetts?

    Hi anyone from Massachusetts? I just read that your State has universal healthcare. What does that mean? Do you pay for insurance, do you have higher taxes? Do let me know.
  • deleted_user

    Hospitalist vs PCP and HC Reform

    i recently needed to be hospitalized due multipule complications due to lupus. I had done everything my PCP had asked me to do including 3 trips to the ER which we both thought would result in my being admitted. Due to the new hospitalist system I was not. Not only was I discourage and frustrated but so was my doctor. After 4 weeks of various oral antibiotics and op wound care my PCP called a...
  • jim45895

    Being Deaf later in life

    Looking to share with the hard of hearing. Going deafer by the moment. Recently had Cochlear Implants, Looking for others to discuss. New key board on the way from Amazon so forgive the typeowes.Jim.Had every outgoing professional life, spent decades in acdamic health care. Realized that it was causing a problem when they would say dead and I heard dying, not a good sign. :)
  • Internet shopping is the most recent enslavement that today's cell phone utilizing youth is inclined to. Individuals are getting increasingly into internet shopping with deals, advancements and rebates being accessible for a large portion of the days in a year. With things getting less expensive because of firm rivalry between E-commerce entrances, customers are getting dependent on it....
  • johnagonzalez

    hair loss problem!

    Greetings, I am completely disturbed :(. I have discovered my bare pitch before four months and it got twofold in these four months. I am only 25 years of age and if this proceeds with I am certain that I will lose all my hair when I am 35. One of my companions has done hair transplant surgery and he is alright at this point. I am likewise thinking to do one from Seager Medical Group (...
  • salazar08

    Hair fall!!

    I am just 35 years old and my hair has lost its body and is thinning and bald patches are appearing. At first it was just mild hair fall. But now it exceeds the limit. Half an year back I had gone for a Stem cell therapy for hair restoration. But it doesn't give any positive result for me. One of my old colleague saw me last week. She really get shocked when she saw me. As she advised I had...
  • deleted_user

    obama care

    hiwhat do you think of it?can it work?coonsanders
  • stephenalfred


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  • What happens when new health care employees are not screened very well Makes me wonder if, at any point in time, I was in a facility where these people worked!
  • deleted_user

    Burn up A lot more Calories in Much less Time

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  • SusieJD


    Thank you Lord! Thank you for saving me once again by making the good representatives of our blessed country see the poor and struggling among us! Now I can see a doctor about my RA, OA, Severe Osteophytes, my Arrhythmia, my digestive problems, my fractured back and I know that I'll have the help that I need so desperately.Susie