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This community is for people who are struggling to meet financial obligations of any kind. Financial challenges include everything from the day-to-day challenges of making ends meet to managing credit card debt to bankruptcy. Get support from others who are going through similar obstacles on the road back to financial stability.

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  • Some time ago I bought a re-loadable gift card at a chain store, so that I could make purchases when I didn’t have my wallet with me. The chain, Hastings, is now going out of business, and is having close-out sale. The store clerks have refused to honor the card, and will not allow me to make any purchases using the value on the card. What can I do?
  • dc87110

    Now its The IRS

    Well the IRS has finally sent me an official letter saying to pay the past due taxes from 2007 or we are going to LEVY your accounts and property. I know I owe but I just lately started working full time. I have other financial obligations like Mortage, bills, food, I have alimony I cant afford to pay, and am saddened that the EX is living Homeless on the streets. I have a Son in Vegas That...
  • cjoy27

    Something I found

    I have been struggling with money since I was given my first quarter from the tooth fairy ;) I just recently stumbled upon the app/website "Mint" and it has changed my life and my finances. I am so much more organized. It pre-sorts every expenditure, so that you can see exactly where your money is going without having to spend the time to calculate it yourself. It gathers information from all of...
  • sac43

    I feel heartbroken

    Hi everyone,I am in that all too familiar space of being scared out of my mind that I'm not going to make it this month. I feel like a failure, I feel sad and heartbroken. I feel like everything I've been doing to turn things around financially is just not working and I am lost. No one wants what I am selling right now and I feel like giving up. I feel alone, powerless, frustrated, angry and...
  • SueB

    Ambulance ride.

    well, due to a nite of very strong urges to do permanent self harm, I took myself to the nearest Hospital, from there they called an ambulance to transport me to a different hospital. I received the bill today, WOW, I have no clue how i'm going to pay for this, I'm already barely living paycheck to paycheck as it is, and the main problem is I didnt really receive that much help while I was in...
  • SueB

    I just dont know

    I just dont know how I'm going to make this work. I'm already living paycheck to paycheck, not having enough even for decent food. I was made aware of my Hospital bill. Oh man, I'll never get caught up ever. It almost got me to the brink of no return Sunday Morning, I'm so greatful and thankful my daughter was able to call me back and we talked for a long time and I felt better, still do,...
  • I am trying to buy a house....and with it being my first home I can get a FHA loan and another type of down payment loan now that my score has come up....before I could not because score was below 640 which is manditory low to get this secondary my score I was told today is up to I am moving forward by looking at a house I found tomorrow at 3pm with my realator.....wish me...
  • ChickenTikka

    The library

    I live quite close to my local library and a twenty minute drive to the next ( larger ) one so there are a number of activities i can do there- adult coloring club, book club, senior games, computer courses, outings etc. Most are completely free, the outings sometimes have a charge but transport is free for over fifties.There's free wifi and loads of computers, talks on all manner of issues. And...
  • ChickenTikka

    free stuff

    I received coupons for three different places buy one get one free, two of them ( an Italian and a mexican ) i went out with friends and they paid for the 'buy' one to celebrate my birthday.The other was a fast food chicken place so i got two meals for @ $8; i will say no way would i ever pay $16 for what we got, the fries were just precut frozen sysco and the chicken was ok and the dip but no...
  • kimfree

    never changes

    i am having a horrible time with my money for several months. i have tried desperately to take hold on what i have and keep my money throught out the month to the next. but it never happens it seen to disappear before the middle of the month arrives and i find me self scratching for money to but gas or food at that point.i feel that amy mom is right ins saying that i have too many bills and not...
  • OhmyDonna

    This new website

    I do not like this redesigned site. I find it very unfriendly to use. Of course, I am 58 and changes are harder the older I get. So...i may not be here much.
  • I am divorced, no children, 59 years old, I work full time and don't have much debt. Still, I had to quit dating back in 2013 because dating relationships were proving too stressful, unfruitful, and because dating didn't fit my budget. I'm in a good place now, having learned from previous relationships and having had plenty of time to get to understand myself better, too. I have friends who are...
  • mega54

    Want opinions

    I am thinking about making Pillow or Bed Dolls> These are dolls with a crocheted dress that are intended decorate a bed, They are very feminine and a bit old-fashioned. Do you think they would be something that would sell? I am looking for a way to increase my income. Thanks in advance for your input and help.
  • the change machine had about 92 cents that was in the returned coin dispenser and it was not mine but they told me to take it because they would have to throw it away....there was also some coins that were from other countries....but I kept them too not knowing what they would be worth...not even sure where they are from...prob Canada....two pennies and a nickle are stuck together but I will soak...
  • I messed with the junction to my ice maker because it was not making ice which usually means that the junction is clogged up....which it I loosened the junction and it dod not even I then put the post that screws into the hole in pipe into it and opened it up...spraying then I tried to put it back over the hole and close it up but it would not stop...