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This community is for people who are struggling to meet financial obligations of any kind. Financial challenges include everything from the day-to-day challenges of making ends meet to managing credit card debt to bankruptcy. Get support from others who are going through similar obstacles on the road back to financial stability.

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  • I am BAAAACCCCKKKKKK....still struggling with $$ and cents....but doing the best I can....hugglies....
  • inside door handle broke long ago and I cannibalized the back door to fix it...then last year or maybe early this year I found an online parts place to get a kit to repair it and knew where I needed to go to get the new one today....just tad under $55 for the entire handle assembly that I replace by drilling out the old and then gluing in some screws that hold new one in is easy fix...
  • kimfree

    never changes

    i am having a horrible time with my money for several months. i have tried desperately to take hold on what i have and keep my money throught out the month to the next. but it never happens it seen to disappear before the middle of the month arrives and i find me self scratching for money to but gas or food at that point.i feel that amy mom is right ins saying that i have too many bills and not...
  • I am broke, no money or cash in my bank account. Bills are due, not many job prospects, having a difficult time accepting my dismal situation. cant support myself... what else must I endure?
  • OhmyDonna

    This new website

    I do not like this redesigned site. I find it very unfriendly to use. Of course, I am 58 and changes are harder the older I get. So...i may not be here much.
  • with balance transfers at no cost. I applied online but it said they needed more info and review time. I hope it goes thru. I tried to transfer $4000 to it from Capital one accounts x2!
  • the landlord has guy coming tomorrow afternoon to try fixing it but it might be he buys me window units too
  • Single mother of three, full time employee, and full time student (MBA) looking for additional income, but my plate is already so full. I have more bills than income, but we manage to make it...until the end of the month. Luckily, the kids are school-age, but after care for them for my one day of school is a job, not to mention trying to find care for them for additionl days if I were to take on...
  • assistance that will take care of closing costs and down payment....have house in mind that I found on zillow for $55K and then possibly the next door neighbors house which is bigger debt he is at $74900 now but here is thing he wants to dump house and would be able to come down because they want out...he already is losing money he paid $86 for it in is two bed one bath full basement...
  • cedarbrooke


    A man went into a bank and almost on hands and knees, begged for a loan.He needed the money desperately to feed his family.The banker okayed the loan and in no time at all handed the borrower a check in the amount of the loan.The banker said, "I'd suggest you go right out and buy some food." The borrower looked at the banker indignantly and answered, "Don't tell me what to do with my money!"
  • when looking didn't have any! So it is all on me for driving costs to party 90+miles one way. Thing is my windsheild is now filled w bug guts! Car needs to be washed. That was what she offered money to get done but she said she didn't have anything to give me.
  • mega54

    Want opinions

    I am thinking about making Pillow or Bed Dolls> These are dolls with a crocheted dress that are intended decorate a bed, They are very feminine and a bit old-fashioned. Do you think they would be something that would sell? I am looking for a way to increase my income. Thanks in advance for your input and help.
  • The money having gotten weaker means US currency is worth more... Will you be moving major $$ to your acct in England now?
  • I have a money script that has ruled my life forever. It is that "there will never be enough money" and "I don't have enough." Perhaps the most harmful part of this belief is that my health has suffered because of it. one time, I would purchase a hamburger from the dollar menu at McDonald's, and maybe two, so that would be my meal. All this, while I have had ample funds (if I could...
  • OhmyDonna

    New Online DA Group

    I found a new online DA group and I have joined. It is I am sharing FYI....