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This community is for people who are struggling to meet financial obligations of any kind. Financial challenges include everything from the day-to-day challenges of making ends meet to managing credit card debt to bankruptcy. Get support from others who are going through similar obstacles on the road back to financial stability.

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  • cedarbrooke

    What a Shock!

    I owed Income taxes from last year (2016) been paying off $100 a month.  Well just got a statement (they only send them out every 4 months now) & somehow the last Jan - Mar payments are in cyber space.Checked online to make sure, I made the payments out of my account.  Have to phone CRA tomorrow to get this straightened out.  They better reverse interest payments!Frustrated!Brooke
  • nunemaker


    it seems like every week its getting harder to pay the bills i take one step forward and ten steps back just about ready to give up i pray every night that things will get better maybe i am asking tomuch
  • cedarbrooke

    Getting Rid of Some Debt

    I paid my dentist today & put another dent in my Vet Bill.Grocery shopping is done with the exception of fresh fruit/vegetables.The end of the month looks good!Hugs!  Brooke
  • Desigol1979

    Teaching Myself PHP

    I have seen the first Lecture on (taken from a Harvard Lecture) about PHP and I would like to test the water tomorrow to see if I can do it. (I'm free all next week as my Brother's off for Halloween break)Also, this morning my Car passed the MOT test. :) I prayed like hell; I love using that oxymoron; to make sure everything was okay. I'll pay the Mechanic on Monday for the MOT...
  • billwfriend

    doing same things over and over again.....uggh

    I seem to repeat wrong behaviors...and did it today sort of or am planning to do it tomorrow....I sent in my city earnings tax check today into the mailbox down the is $72....I can count on it being picked up tomorrow Thursday and not making it to the city collector until Friday at the earliest....well it kind of left me short on cash and Thursday is a 15 hr sale at a grocery store...
  • billwfriend

    Reading step one of debtors anonymous 12x12x12

    the book is called twelve stepstwelve traditionstwelve concepts of Debtors Anonymousthe program is explained how to work DA programIm glad this book was printed. Published 2016
  • Messenger2010

    A New Year !!!

    Well the first month is 3/4 over but for me, it's just beginning.  I started the new year in a hospital.  A cancer hospital.   On Halloween of 2016, I was diagnosed with throat cancer (specifically tonsil) and spent three weeks in the hospital helping me to finish radiation and chemo treatments.  Been home for three weeks and am just starting to feel alive again... I lost over 30 pounds but...
  • billwfriend

    two students today.....Two yesterday$

    is flowing into the system and out of system as fast as into system,....anyway I am home for the most part this weekend as we expect snow on Saturday morning and I have an AA pot luck Saturday night.....then sunday I have a mens meeting for AA to go to planning a convention....I hope I have student Monday afternoon but Monday I have a hearing on Medicaid and then my doctors appointment....
  • SueB

    oooooo, I am giving myself a headache

    I'm trying very hard to come up with a workable budget.  No matter how I slice it i'm in trouble.  Although I did manage to start gettingmy meds thru the mail for 90 days and I'm able to save some, close to $75. in a 90 day period, small but oh so nice. I told myself I would only work my regular hours for the month of March, well, thats not going to happen either, I already sent a text to my...
  • mlr0853

    Are you low income? Medication Help

    These are people and contacts to help you with obtaing medications that might have high co-pay, or obtaining medications for free or at lower cost. (US)FREE OR LOW COST PRESCRIPTION PROGRAMS (also called patient assistance programs)Some drug companies have special programs to help people who cannot afford the cost of their brand name prescription drugs. These programs provide prescription...
  • cedarbrooke

    The Vet Bill

    Another $200, told them I would be back in two weeks.  So greatful that my dog has recovered, however so expensive.  Pet insurance should of took it out for him.
  • billwfriend

    well today two students that got canceled today

    that hurt my income by $175 as one student canceled at the last minute and paid me $20....but then the bank overdrafting because of car payment double drafting out of my account cost me $140 in overdraft fees....$35 each x the fact that the other stuff drafted out of my account my account is now $330 in the red....
  • I had gotten extremely busy with picking up extra shifts at work, so much to the point I was no good to anyone, especially myself, I have tonight off but filled the rest of the month with extra shifts.I'm trying very hard to get to a point where I can start sending money to the bill collectors, I finally got caught up with my regular bills, now to keep it that way, and get ahead for my trip to...
  • billwfriend

    is anyone else here? I am feeling all alone here..

    posts go unreplied to...I guess nobody is needing anything here....?I found a banking mistake I made for $25 that I had been unaware I wrote a second check to IRS in Jan and they both cleared but I only documented one of them.....that is scary because I am usually very careful with recording things in my two places...the computer uses Quickbooks and the Phone uses PocketMoney2.....neither of...
  • bill did not get paid on time when you had made a payment....on their seems that I missed that they sent me a bill after I paid them $116....either I did not get the bill or did not understand that the bill was for a new period of time or whatever but I paid on my account thinking I had done what I needed to do....they said they sent me a new bill....I do not recall now I...