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Tips & Tricks for Fibro & CFS in Everyday

Hi everyone,

I am hoping that we can start a thread of things that we do to survive (and hopefully somehow thrive) in everyday life while dealing with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and all the lovely diseases and symptoms that go along with with them.

I am finding myself falling further and further into a self-hating depression as I see all the *can'ts* in my life. I am a single mom of two wonderful kids, fighting to keep custody while simply trying to do everyday things. I feel like I am failing miserably and can use all the advice I can take.

That being said: What are the things you have found that make it possible to do simple things like laundry, house cleaning, memory, etc. that work for you?

There is no piece of advice that is too small to help or hopefully spark another idea!

Thanks and Gentle Huggs,

Jenni :o)



I don't know how single moms can raise kids...I only have one and would never make it without hubby. With that being said I have little advice except that when I am just exhausted I was given Adderall and will take one..ONE once in a great while.

I think I remember that you are trying to stay off meds because of your break up with the ex so I would say to get your B-12 levels checked and see if you can get a shot of B-12. I have heard it does give you energy.

This is small advice but it's all I have...If you figure something out please let us know...hugs, V

Here's some of my helpful hints.

1. Start a 2" binder. Add tabs with things like maps, calendar, medical (recs, info), coupons, things to do. Carry it with you to appts, shopping etc.

2. Get a white board for by your door. In the morning, write the date and look in your binder to see if you have any school appts, med appts, etc.

3. Do up 3 of 4 meals at a time. Spaghetti sauce freezes up nicely as does a lasagna and chili. Cut up raw veggies for lunches and suppers and keep in a bucket in the fridge. Salads will last a few days too.

4. Don't be too hard on yourself. You have an illness..that doesn't make you worthless.

5. Declutter your house. The less you have, the less there is to clean. Do one big thing a week, and clean things as you go. Get the kids to pitch in too. Music and dancing works to make this more fun.

6. Go for short walk and stop by a park with your kids. The fresh air and exercise does us good. Don't overdo it though.

7. I agree with Firefly in getting your B12 checked. B12 is great for memory and energy. It may also reduce nerve pain. It has helped me quite a bit.

Good luck and let us know how it goes. We are here for you and understand.

This is just a little tip that I learned from DS friends. It helps with my frustration when something doesn't work right and I just want to throw it!

That being, aluminum foil -- it has tabs on the end that you lock in place prior to using it and it keeps the roll from not rolling, or rolling too much, whatever, it keeps it in place. All these years and I didn't know that, lol.

Another one that I use, is that when I am in the 'resting' mode, and watching t.v., I make myself get up and DO SOMETHING during the commercials. It is just a short time and then I get to sit back down again. It helps to get the 'chores' done in short spurts, without wearing yourself out. Plus, who likes to watch commercials anyway.

Sometimes, it may take me two hours to get the kitchen decent, but, it works for me.
Though, if I am having a horrible flare, I just let the kitchen go until I feel better, or until SO will pitch in and clean it.

When my boys were younger, I would take all the socks out and dump them in front of them and give them a nickel for each pair of matching socks they put together. If they are really young, you can always give them a "extra" M & M to encourage them to help you, that's how I potty trained my youngest, as well. If he went to the potty, he got a M & M , wow, wish they were that easy to please now, lol.

Of course, you can always make a 'game' out of chores with little ones. Like, "pick up any clothing that is WHITE" and place it in the laundry room.

Defintely teach them to help with chores, doesn't hurt them a bit, actually, I think it helps them as they are not always expecting someone else to do it for them. And, have found they are never too young. Grandson was placing biscuits on the pan when he was only 1.5 years old. Of course, I had to teach him how dangerous the stove is first, but he learned quickly. Now, he's seven and can cook sausage, cooking on low heat, without burning himself (maybe he makes a little mess, but hey, whatever) and put the biscuits on the pan for baking (I still do the oven part as I am still not comfortable with him using the oven, even I burn myself on the oven sometimes.

Rambling here, but maybe, get a "penny container" with each one's photo on it, and put a penny in it each time they "lend a helping hand" or a "kind heart".

Hi !!

Yes...Being a Single Mom is Tuff !! Even for the Healthiest of People !!

Is easy to get Overwhelmed when you are the Constant...and get No Real Help...

My Biggest Tip is that You Take Care of Self First, Make sure ya Eat a Good Breakfast...Cereals, Fruit...nothing Heavy, but Healthy...Look into Juicing...or home made Smoothies...Good stuff for you !! and Lots of Good Healthy Clear Liquids thru out ur Day...Apple juices, Cranberry Juices, lemon water...Teas...Good stuff to Help flush Any Toxins !! Taking Care of Self First, Insures that you will be better able to Take Care of your Babies !!

Keep Nasty Negative thoughts AWAY...Force them OUT...they will Stall you out Everytime...Put on some Good upbeat Music and Dance back into your Life...

Write down what it is you plan to do Everyday...I have a sheet here..I get so much done everyday, If I feel up to it I continue on to the next...but Never in 10-15 minute Intervals...Rest...then get back after it, I do this thru out my Days, and I am able to Accomplish quite a bit..

If the Weather is Nice, pour urself a Big Glass of Juice, go sit outside...and relax...when the glass is Empty...get back after another Project..

Laundry...I do it 2 times a each load gets done, I completely put it away...if I wait til I have several Loads, it simply overwhelms me, and will sit in the basket til I either hafta iron each piece before I can wear it...or the basket is empty...LOL...For Real !! Easier to just put each load away as they come out...!!

Sometimes, if you have things to do...but there is something Fun you want to do...and Ya Don't have the Energy for BOTH...Choose is Important to Have FUN in your Life...Laughter...Sunshine...the housework will wait til tomorrow, I Promise...

If you are Way Overwhelmed, Reach out...Ask for some Help...there is NO Shame in Needing Help...there Is Shame in Needing it, and not Asking for some...If there is No One to help you..and things have gotten pretty far...then Tackle one room at a time...Bathroom & Kitchen First, and go on from there...I Just fill a Bucket of Hot Water, add a bit of Vinegar to it...nice clean Rag...and get after can add a Lemon juice to the water...or a couple drops of Essential oils to bring a Nice scent into your Home...very Cheap...very Healthy...I always Use Rubber Vinegar Can be acidic to ur skin...

.Chase away Bad thoughts
Did you eat a Healthy Breakfast ?
Got some Fun Music that ya Cannot Sit to, Playing ?
got vinegar in your Cupboard ? {Applecider vinegar is Best!}
have ya sat down recently ?
are ya drinking Plenty of Clear Liquids ?
have ya had some FUN today ?
Do you have a Friend that you can turn to ?

God Bless Ya Mom !!

Prioritize. Pick the things that HAVE to be done today. Work at it for 15 minutes and then take a break (pacing). Then, if you're up to it, do 15 more minutes. When you get over- tired the molehill turns into a mountain. If you can manage to get the most important things done, the rest can wait. Don't waste your energy on things that aren't that important.

Get the kids involved. Most kids want to be helpful & feel 'grown up'. They can dust, sweep the kitchen floor, fold their own laundry + towels. Are those your kids in the photo? They look old enough to load/unload the dishwasher. Do they clean their own rooms? I don't mean make slaves of your kids. I'm talking 30 minutes a day. Besides, kids need chores. My Grandmother had Fibro and I was always anxious to go to her house so I could help her, I felt needed and I learned a lot of life skills. Made me feel good. Don't underestimate what it can do for your kids emotionally and mentally.

Write it down. I have a notepad by my chair in the living room, one by the bed, one in the kitchen, one in my car, one in my purse. If I go there, I have something to write on. I've learned to write pretty much everything down cause it could be 'gone' in a flash. I have 2 charts for bills. A calender with the day bills are due marked on it and a chart with a list of bills where I write down how much I paid, the date and confirmation numbers when I pay online.

Lower your expectations. Sometimes we continue to hold ourselves to the standards we had before Fibro. That just isn't possible anymore without stressing ourselves out and exhausting ourselves and feeling bad about ourselves ALL of which make us feel worse mentally and physically.

Walk. If all you can do is walk around rhe block with your kids after dinner, then that works. Gives you all a chance to catch each other up on what's going on and it's a 'together' activity. No ringing phones or blaring TV. Plus it gives you some exercise without having to think about it a lot!

Hope I've said something helpful!

I have to get up and stretch alot so I do my house cleaning while I'm stretching. A few minutes here and there makes a big difference rather than trying to do it all at once.

For pain distractions work best for me I play alot of games on pogo or watch tv shows hulu on computer. Music and meditations are also helpful. Also when weather is nice I sit outside or walk around the yard.


Check out the FLYLADY website. It shows you how to manage housework in small amounts of time.

My plan sounds really stupid, but it actually works....

I do things slowly, one at a time, and stay on top of it all.
Anything that I use, I put away immediately after use.....

For instance.....I walk around the house with an old tee-shirt hanging out of my back I am walking about I dust everything that I pass by

Once a room is completely clean, it is a small matter to keep it this way, if you just do one thing a day in it
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